Thursday, April 23, 2009

Timmy Steps Up

So Big Guy and I were up on Capitol Hill this morning for a speech on the Holocaust.  It was a moving ceremony, and Big O did a simply phenomenal job of reading my screens.  Then it was back to the White House, where the bulk of the afternoon was spent prepping Tim Terrific for his big press conference tomorrow afternoon.  Thankfully, the presser is being held around 4 pm, so we don't do too much damage to the stock market.
Larry Summers was completely engaged in the prep session. Until he fell asleep. This happens a lot with Larry.  He can fall asleep just about anywhere, anytime. It's just a talent, I guess, and I bet Larry falls asleep at the press, tomorrow, too.


  1. "... so we don't do too much damage to the stock market." ---- TODAY.

    [Whew! TOTUS, it's good to hear from you. That pick-axe photo had us worried.... .]

  2. TOTUS:
    The circles you run with, goodness gracious! And narry a temptation to compromise your integrity - you have a steely spine TOTUS, true pith!

    Mr. Summers is obviously so at home, so within his element, that such briefings are like lullabys to his ears. I did a quick study of his resume in wikipedia, and wow what a guy! He failed every test of personal evolution and still overcame! He now sits in The Very Presence! Just the sort BO needs around to help him stay the course. Of course, they have a lot in common, particularly the recent money shuffle, but hey - a guy's gotta pay the bills. Besides, what's an extra zero among friends?

  3. A speech on the Holocaust and an e mail to King Saud et. al. the night before: "Re: My speech on the "holocaust" tomorrow, disregard. Just public relations. Words. Just words. Tell I'm a Dinner Jacket not to sweat it. I remain, Faithfully yours, Barack Hussein."

  4. "... what's an extra zero...?" [Betty Ann]

    That's it! That's why the Big Green O. I finally got it.

  5. I think Time mag did you a diservice. I didn't see one pic of you in their photo layout. I'm thinking you might have to start getting more aggresive with the media on who really is the Boss!

  6. TOTUS,
    Re the above photo:
    Were you scrolling a bedtime story for lethargic Larry?

  7. BO maneuvers to undermine Israel, open unconditional talks with Ahmadinejad, and now he’s is doing a speech on the Holocaust. Right!

    John's Space

  8. Noooo! Mr. Summers does not have a teleprompter himself...he transcribes his comments on the back of his eyelids! He was merely checking for errors.

  9. At that meeeting Larry S. was dreaming about the lady-libs of Harvard and how much he misses them.

  10. Lighthouse, you're brilliant. TOTUS, could we add "Lethargic Larry" to the cast of characters? Do we have a name yet for the brilliant but factually challenged Janet Napolitano yet?

  11. Oh, I dunno----"Lazy Larry" sounds lazier.

    Since she's also challenged in this way, even when she's blown it so obviously, how about "Janet Apologize-O"---?

  12. So...Tim steps up, eh? Then he should read the article by Thomas Lifson at American Thinker: "Bank of Canada's head blasts Geithner's bank rescue plan". Among the comments: "the incompetence of the Obama team's response to the crises we face is making America a laughingstock".

    BG needs a hard boiled TATUS in Treasury, not a Tater Tot.

  13. Your title for this got me thinking. Will you be selling any apparel with your visage on it saying: "Lets Scroll"?

    It also doubles perfectly with this administration's change in approach to fighting the war on terrorism. Oops, sorry TOTUS, I forgot that I'm not supposed to say that word.

  14. Sorry again, TOTUS. Wrong post. I'm new to this technology.

  15. Dear, conscientious, FOTUS Forever, no need to apologize -- your heart (and brain) is in the right place. Glad you're here.

    Perfonaly, I liv it wen peple do typos. It maks me ;aigjt er, I men LAUGH (see what you get when you shift to the left -- nonsense. Ha!). And when some pedant types in a correction, I just roll my iiiiiii.

    Hey...... WAIT----A-----MINUTE. You're not that rogue water buffalo, Janet Napoleantito incognito, are you? She does (or needs to do, anyway) an awful lot of apologizing... [JUST KIDDING]

  16. Pesky Pedant wrote: "TWW, you shifted to the right to make ";aigjt." Just SAYING."

  17. "I meant to do that." [Pee Wee Herman in Pee Wee Herman's Great Adventure"]


    BUT I DON'T CARE. BAh, ha, ha, -- thplblt!

  18. Well, FOTUS, as long as I'm just sitting around here talking to myself, I must add: YOUR "LET'S SCROLL" idea is EXCELLENT. (I "shouted" a bit there with the all-caps to get TOTUS' attention.)

  19. Perlich, that is TOO funny. "... merely checking for errors." I'll use that one in church next Sunday. "Sleeping? Oooh, no. I was just reading Psalm 119."

  20. "BG needs a hard boiled TATUS in Treasury, not a Tater Tot."


    THIS SITE HAS THE BEST COMMENTERS (and that means ALL of you except for the drunken Trolls)!

    Thanks (again) for making all this possible, TOTUS.

  21. Hey, Spring Chicken (say, this is your season, isn't it?) let's DO come up with a nickname for that "[cunning] but factually challenged" dame.


    Janet Reno II

    Rogue Boar
    (runs around making messes and wrecking the town, paying zero attention to everyone's pleas to stop)

    [name of mama in "Throw Mama from the Train"]

    She's exactly like the Queen of Hearts from Alice in Wonderland, but "Queen of Hearts" just doesn't seem right... . "OFF WITH THEIR HEADS!"

    Big Bad Leroy Brown
    ("... badder than ol' King Kong, meaner than a junkyard dog.")

    (B. O.'s Attack Rhino)

  22. HellooooooOOOOOooooo! Anybody out there?

    "Anyone?..... Anyone?......." ----[Ben Stein at the end of "No Intelligence Allowed" and in "Ferris Bueller's Day Off"]

  23. I kinda like Rogue Bore...oh, I mean boar. I like rogue water buffalo better (sorry WBs).

    The female(?) with the club in B.C.

    Pit Boss (she is the pits)

    Janus Nadattain0...(Janus - watching both borders, especially the Canadian one - the Mexicans can take care of themselves and nada is so appropriate and adds a Hispanic touch.

    At least this administration has achieved a first; the least number of cojones of any, EVER.

  24. Ha, ha, haaaaaww! Good ones, Free USA.

    "Pit Boss," perfect -- central casting would agree completely, I'm sure. "Tote that barge! Lift that bale!" -- PESKY PEDANT DISLCAIMER: I know that song's about cotton.... SO WHAT...]

    "Janus N." -- Ha! ANOTHER good one -- a two-faced, underachieving, open-borders-lover, monster. The 0 was a nice touch.

    LOL -- when I read "female w/club in B.C.," my first thought was, "Hmmm. So there's a female soccer player up in British Columbia... ."

    That one (B.C. comic strip female) is better than the Queen of Hearts and fits her to a "T" (which stands for "trouble"). I think that character's name is "Big Gal." Heh, heh.

    [The only drawback is, Big Gal is usually quite witty and often is doing good stuff along with being a bully.]

  25. TWW..."the only drawback is, Big Gal is usually quite witty and often is doing good stuff along with being a bully"....

    True - also Big Gal certainly is smart enough to know a snake when she sees one. I would have to give Janus N a pass on the "good stuff", as well as the "smarts". The "bully" part is par for the course in this group. From trumping up all the "sky is falling" hype to distract us from (and force us to accept) the undercover shenanigans going on at Treasury and the Fed, to classifying much of the Military and hardworking citizens as Terrorists ...oops, I mean...oh, heck...what do you call it now? I forgot.

    Anyway, to distract us from the fact that all our "green" money is flowing into the pockets of the favored few "elites" in a fast hurry.

  26. Free USA -- that's it! All those clowns piling out of the little tiny car, honking their noses and generally creating mayhem and noise are a DIVERSION. Giggling Gibbsy, Scary Clown (Rahm -- with the giant shoes), Big Bruno (as TOTUS I see has decided to name Jan. N.), Timmy the Leprechaun, et. al. are distracting us while the ring leader's thugs pick the happy circus goers' pockets.

    And the symbol of this diabolical troupe?

    A BIG..... GREEN.... O! (I think I can hear that shark music starting: dum-dum, dum-dum, dum-dum...)

    Great insight.

    Holding onto my wallet (even tighter!).

  27. Thanks. I always enjoy reading your posts - they are always humorous and intelligent - on a par with TOTUS.

    Just a thought...
    What if the swine flu "pandemic" turns out to be another "distraction", to allow for a few new laws to keep people from "congregating" - no more Tea Parties, etc? The Obots and MSM are really trying to denigrate the TP's..pity they don't have brains. Completely clueless.

    BTW, have you read the quote from Soros: "The economic collapse is the culminating point of my life's work".

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