Friday, April 24, 2009

About the Other Night

So we had a little cocktail reception over here the other night.  It was pretty fun. I'm told the Bushes didn't do these kinds of things very often. We've done four of them in 100 days. We served Kobe beef sliders, chicken satay and a bunch of cheeses and stuff.  Big Guy loves the Kobe beef. Before he got elected, he couldn't afford it. Now he eats some just about every night.

The best part of the evening was seeing Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who kept claiming that she couldn't remember the last time she had so much fun. Seems like she can't remember much of anything nowadays. But when I asked her when she was going to pay me back the $100 she owed me, she seemed pretty sharp.


  1. why couldn't he afford Kobe beef? with that book that billy ayers wrote for him he made lots of $$$. what you really mean is he didn't want to pay for it on his dime, now that someone is is picking up the tab it's all good.

  2. At he next little get togther they will be serving lamb...sacrifical lamb...a la Nancy.

    TOTUS...I am curious... can a Muslim catch Swine Flu?

  3. The richer they are, the cheaper they get. Happens all the time.

  4. sharon has it exactly right... it's so much easier to spend someone else's money....

  5. TOTUS:
    Just out of curiosity, what is Nancy like after a few belts off the Old Grandad? I imagine chewing open mouthed as the few rare shots of her with a closed orifice were taken in Syria. But then, she's a woman and it was after all a muslim country. You know the old saw - when in Rome.

    As for that Kobe beef, right on for BO. He looks like he could use a few pounds. Michelle is obviously getting what he doesn't - better keep her away from his plate.

  6. TP ,do you show Laker's games during these parties ? The reason I ask is that
    they have a Kobe too ,and he has those lanky armature units that are so popular today.
    I have never tasted Kobe and so far my mail has shown no " Rush " deliveries from Allen Brothers .I keep my fingers crossed tho .
    Since we are on the subject TP ,shipping those "arms " and "wheels" was my patriotic
    contribution to your mobility and independance .Would contributing a readership (med ) T shirt back , kill you ?
    Those armature units haven't proven as sexy as you may have prefered ,I know .
    It is their functionality that you will eventually cherish .While wheeling around the West Wing you will be able to reach out and grab papers that you were unable to download .
    Naturally , like braces ,you don't wan't to wear them.
    Maybe you think they make you look fat.
    Sure Teleprompter , just like Twiggy .
    BTW , if at this party you notice anyone sneaking off to engage in
    "doobious" behavior w Chavez's "best buds " get scrollin against the rollin goin on .
    Just because some of the other appliances at that party are hooked on 220 doesn't mean you should be too .Let them overamp while you scroll and roll on past that graveyard .
    Just freshen your batteys w some of that condensed "microdot" acid the Gratefull Dead left behind , if you must .
    Then go ahead and be the life of the party .
    Remember if the room stars spinning ,
    to set the brake on your left wheel .
    It , like the above misbehavior ,
    is beneath your standard .

  7. Worry not, TOTUS: the Mask will pay back your $100 soon.
    Why not, after the sweet deal she made in tax exemptions for her hubbie's business?

  8. Yeah, (thanks Betty Ann), ol' Jack Barackt could eat no fat. His wife could eat no lean... But, betwixt the two of them.... they'll lick our platters clean.


    I thought donkeys were vegetarians.

    Oh, that's right, D'oh! is a serpent, hired by the Donkeys to be their sssssssspokessssman.

    Ssssssspeaking of s's.... has anyone else noticed that Dope never ends a word such as "ends" with a "hard" s (i.e., the "z" sound)? "Ends" rhymes with "depends" not "dents." --- "Dollars" rhymes with "purrs" not "purse."
    It's creepy. It sounds wimpy. It sounds... it sounds like......... a serpent.

  9. Fancy Nancy, and her memory, will be celebrating their 70th b-day in less tnan one year. My father was showing signs of Alzheimers by the time HE was 70.

    Just sayin'...

    Oh, forget it. Only the good get the big Alz disease...

  10. Can you just imagine how the press would be raging against any Republican president who would be dining on Kobe beef while unemployment was soaring?

    John's Space

  11. Of course Big Guy could afford the Kobe beef before he becomes POTUS.

    But it will be spending HIS own money.

  12. MO might be using this fork as BETTYAnn suggested.

  13. "Seems like she can't remember much of anything nowadays."


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