Wednesday, April 29, 2009

My Thoughts on 100 Days Served

I'm sorry, I don't think I heard you correctly, you mean I've got to put up with 1360 more days of this?


  1. Think of it this way, POTUS. You're teaching a skill that will last a lifetime: READING!

  2. I wouldn't let him boss you around for the next 1360 days. Slap him around a little bit. Bruise him up, and most importantly try to knock some sense into him. These first 100 days feel like 100 years as liberty dies with thundrous applause.

  3. TOTUS, It doesn't seem like 100 days, it seems like 1000 days. I'm hoping i will wake up and this will all have been a bad dream. Tell potus his SMIRK when saying a flyover would not happen again, was disgusting. Oh, and tell him thanks for taking that traitor spector off our hands. I e-mail "O" but he doesn't listen to me. Maybe he will read what you have to say.

  4. Totus, did you intentionally put the extra spacing between the words or use
    different colored crayons in Big Guys reading on the Porcine-induced Disaster.
    It made me feel like he really cared about me.

  5. The work of a secret operative isn't easy, TOTUS. Stand tall and scroll some blatant truth through all that fiction today.

    While you're at it, could you throw in an apology or two to the people of America, the troops, the CIA, the conservatives, the economy, our liberty, all of American history for everyone and everything he has dissed since taking office? Oh nevermind. It took 100 days and more for him to drag us this low... not even an hour of apologies would cover it... although, a well placed screw up would really lift our spirits on this dismal 100th day.

    Can't wait to see what you pull today, Totus. After all, it'll be another long ego session for Big Guy in front of your screens. Just remember, you'll be in the spotlight as far as we're concerned. You have been the bright spot on each and every one of these 100.

    And heaven knows he's used you every single one of them. You the screen, TOTUS!

  6. TOTUS...Just between us.. Did you apply for this job? Or was there something in your past used against you??

  7. TOTUS, chin up and remember, "you have a gift".

  8. Its been 100 days? It seems more like 100 minutes.......Under water!

  9. I'm sorry, I don't think I heard you correctly, you mean I've got to put up with 1360 more days of this?1361. You forgot Leap Year.

  10. A new member to the cast of characters-Arlen:JUDAS

  11. Wish I had done a screen capture! OB was waiting to take the podium and there he stood behind you. Your screen covering his face.


  12. Peren, that was cruel. Poor TOTUS is going to be feeling the pain in every one of those seconds. I know I am.

  13. I know how you feel … the last 100 felt like years … My fear is that you WON’T have 1360 more days … it looked like the Big Guy was reading CARDS when he welcomed Spectron into the Big Tent “LET’S SCROLL”

  14. TOTUS:
    We feel your pain. Tonight's the lotto drawing, cross your casters.

  15. I hear big guy was off on his own at a town hall event today, Totus. He tried to go it without you. Sheesh. When will he learn? Sounds like he gave a hearty "up yours" to the tea party goers, and he sneered at TV stations where he isn't "popular". He really hates it when he isn't popular.

    Is he trying to relive his high school years? He wants to be most popular, Michelle has to be best dressed, Gibbsy is most sarcastic class clown, Toes is most likely to be a president's thug... Bruno is most likely to revive the polyester pantsuit. Too bad no one is interested in being most likely to actually succeed at preserving and protecting United States of America and our constitution.'s up to you!

  16. TOTUS, slap yourself upside your screen! This is NO time to get in touch with your fee-eelings! DO YOUR DUTY: make Big Guy (accidentally) tell us the truth. We'll always remember your courage.

  17. [Image Remix said] "...Is he trying to relive his high school years?"

    Nice insight.

    Crackhead Barry didn't really graduate from high school [well, I guess he got his G.E.D. or something that summer -- BUT ANYWAY] ... he's still there!

  18. Just make it a little more interesting. Throw a little "Ron Burgundy" style phrasing up there - he'll read anything!

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