Sunday, April 26, 2009

Our Golden Girl

For some reason, Toes seems more into this kind of thing, but the passing of Bea Arthur yesterday got us thinking ...


  1. Bea Arthur was stil alive until yesterday?

  2. TOTUS,
    Bea-Attractive and funny, in spite of feminist leanings.

  3. This confirms an old adage. If you want to look good, stand next to an ugly person. I've never seen Bea look lovlier.

  4. The world's a less sophisticated place today because of her passing.

  5. Maybe Ja-no just needs a few accessories like Bea had...(not the feather boa, although she could use to soften up.) I was thinking more along the lines of a sense of humor... a personality... and a heart.

  6. No way, TOTUS! WOULD that Apologize-O were as tough a person as Bea was!
    A-O needs to grow a spine, stand up to BO, and DO HER JOB to keep Americans SAFE!

  7. Napolitano looks like Blagojevich's long-lost half-sister...

  8. Imageremix,

    Oh, I don't know, the feather boa might be okay for Ja-No, if it was tied firmly about her neck.
    Sort of je ne sais quoi.....devil may care look?

  9. "This confirms an old adage. If you want to look good, stand next to an ugly person. I've never seen Bea look lovlier."

    It's called the ugly friend distortion field and can make you think someone is much more attractive than they really are. Heh.

  10. Bill,

    Possibly....but I'd bet a nickel Ja-No can't dance.

  11. How dare you insult Bea Arthur in this manner! Although I must say, Bruno is twice the man Bea was!

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