Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Swoon Time

Instead of having the sun light glint off my screens at the Rose Garden event, drawing more attention to myself (not that I mind), I made the trip over to the FBI for Big Guy's speech there.

Let me say, he read the speech perfectly. How could I tell? We built the fainting storyline into speech prep at 1 minute, 34 seconds, and when we did it in front of the audience it worked out to about 1 minute, 35 seconds.

You don't get that kind of precision without professionals involved from the speaker, to the actor to the press.


  1. Good job! I fainted and missed the whole thing though. Can I get a replay?

  2. TOTUS, do you have any pollen allergies? I know you must be heavily medicated to prevent viral infections but, it would be unseemly for Big Guy to be sniffling at a key

  3. I watched the FBI speech in a doctor's waiting room with five other adults. No one paid it the least bit of attention except me, and I couldn't keep my mind from wandering to more stimulating thoughts like, which load of laundry I would do first when I got home.

    The act needs work, if you want to keep your audience. Big Guy needs backup singers and steps. Do you have the option of wheels or casters, so he could keep you in sight while he moves & grooves?

  4. Are there any more columns lying around somewhere? Maybe that would help!?!

  5. Tennis Mom -- good idea. I'd especially like to hear Toes sing about all he knows about B.O.'s past... .

    At least, if we could have some GOOD singers who sing LOUDLY and drown out D'oh!.

    Fat chance it'll happen. B.O. can't even work index cards and talk at the same time, much less dance and talk.

    For instance, that bow to King Saud? He was actually trying to curtesy. Yeah, pretty pathetic.

  6. POTUS's power exists only when he correctly reads what you scroll, TOTUS. Keep changing the script, so he'll make "Freudian slips" and TELL THE TRUTH.

    Example: when BO wanted to say,
    "We want to end piracy"----
    you flipped some letters, so he said,
    "We want to end PRIVACY"---!
    See? You made him tell us the truth.

    We know we can trust you, TOTUS.
    We're expecting a MIRACLE of Excellent TRUTHINESS tomorrow, during that "100 days"
    farce. Please get BO to SCROLL UP royally----otherwise we'll never get the truth out of him.

  7. TOTUS how are you handling the Fox News snuff tomorrow?

  8. "SCROLL UP royally..." Excellent idea, M.M.. LOL.

    Say, TOTUS, I sure hope you DO follow Ms. M.M.'s advice. Here are some RSU's (Royal Scroll-ups) .....


    Planned Text: "I came to D.C. to give the world hope."
    RSU: "... give the world DOPE."

    PT: "... nothing if it weren't for Michelle."
    RSU: "... .... weren't for Mitchell."
    [Note: I don't know who Mitchell is; it just makes B.O. sound weird, heh, heh]

    PT: "... going to up the attack on poverty..."
    RSU: "... UP THE ... uh... TAX on property..."

    PT: "...know about car markets, rules and regulations... "
    RSU: "...know about KARL MARX, rules and..."

    PT: "... will rescue GM but, we can't make the same old cars, like Bel Aires, anymore... "
    RSU: "... ... like BILL AYERS, anymore... ."

    PT: "Can you catch my vision? Can ya?
    RSU: "... ... KENYA?"

    PT: "Now, let me say that in Australia, it's different. No one's socialized healthcare is inadequate."

    PT: "They will say, 'My, how medicine helped.'"
    RSU: "... ... MUHAMMED IS IN HELL [pht! -- spits for good luck]."

    PT: "Here's to the next 100! God bless America."

    [Thanks for the inspiration, W. Virginia, a.k.a., Mountain Mama]

  9. big "stage" tonight totus...please no flub ups... but remember the last primetime press conference big guy had, you grew to some huge size, and were made to sit in the back... i hope you are back to "normal" this evening so all goes well....

  10. TruthWillWin..."if we had some GOOD singers who would sing LOUDLY and drown out D'oh"....

    Great idea. Some really well known group, maybe like the Who?

    WHO are you...who-who, who-who...we really want to know - we really want to know - we really want to know....and with Keith MOON really hittin' those drums, man, you could crank it up and drown out anybody.

  11. Ha, ha, haaa! GREAT idea, Free USA.

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