Thursday, April 2, 2009

About that Press Conference ...

Uh, um ... sorry, I got nothin'.


  1. TOTUS, I didn't hear the press conf but heard Rush say it was pretty bad for your guy.

    IDEA: Dynamic Projection. Can you actually project Big Guy's lines onto the person to whom he is speaking? Would help him keep eye contact too, if person is far enough away.

  2. TOTUS, could you add Joey B to your cast of characters? And sorry, but you can't help Big Guy if he won't let you. We know it's not your fault.

  3. Hey, look what you have to work with!

  4. You really must talk to him about wanting to "wing it".

    Or recommend he get some James Bond type of glasses that double as a, well, YOU, and he can have his speeches right there, front and center. Just think of the exposure you'd get. That French Promptiere will be all over you in no time with that kind of get up.

  5. Oh Totus, please stay away from him on rest of World Tour - especially on AF1. You know how germs spread on airplanes! Don't catch his cold! (He looked AWFUL at that presser -watery eyes, etc.)

  6. "Um, um ..." ??????

    totus ???

    Is that you???

    Oh, sorry...hello Mr. President

  7. Dear TOTUS: As a FOTOTUS (friend of telemprompter of Prez of US)am really angry at the potty humor cartoon. How degrading. You really have to put an end to the codependent thing - for your own good. He's just gonna have to stand up and deliver without you -for once.

  8. Ooooh "Fototus" that has a GREAT ring to it..
    sorry,but I like it better that the ones You

    Try it,it's fun to say!

  9. "You say, 'FOTOTUS' I say, 'FOTAHTUS.'
    You say, 'POTOTUS,' I say, 'POTAHTUS.'
    let's call the whole thing off..."

    [waaaa! sure wish we could -- and put Palin in the Oval Offahfus.]

    Amanda, that WAS fun.

    Hahkunah Fotahta!