Monday, April 6, 2009

Czeching Out Lady M's Wardrobe

Michelle is back in the White House this morning. There is no truth to the rumor that she left the junket early because of her dissatisfaction over the gifts she received from the the Czech Republic's first lady, Livia Klausova.

Lady M and the Klausova ended up spending a lot of time together, they toured St. Vitus's cathedral and St. George's Basilica together, along with Toes, who seemed to know all kinds of things about the art work, etc. Michelle has been getting a lot of attention about the clothes she's been wearing. On average, she's been changing outfits about four times a day, and changing shoes about six times a day. That's not including the shoes she's been buying while on this trip. The rate of clothes-changing is about standard for her, or at least has been the last couple of years.

On Sunday for part of the tour, she was wearing a black Michael Kors skirt, and a white Mochino top (she changed in museum bathroom so the TV cameras wouldn't show her wearing the same outfit in an eight hour period). I have no idea who Kors or Mochinco are, but that's what Toes told a Czech TV reporter after he asked Michelle what she was wearing. Funny, Toes always seems to know about the fashions Michelle has, but he never seems to pay attention to what Big Guy is wearing. It makes me wonder why he just didn't become M's chief of staff if he cares that much.

As for the gifts, another lousy haul. We got a book about some Czech castle none of us cares about. And some Czech glass, which is world-renowned. So of course, the Klausovas were thrilled with the gift we gave them: a vase, made of glass from ... the Czech Republic, which we bought in Washington, DC.


  1. I hope the Big Guy has a chance to speak with Czech President Vaclav Klaus about global warming while he was in Prague.

    John's Space

  2. I've seen some of those amazing housecoats donned by Lady M. at goodwill or maybe it was the salvation army. Look Totus about the gifts, it's not like she gave the queen a thong or the french chick a box of condoms made in china.

  3. Another Lady M: -- Esmeralda Marcos. Kinda two peas out of the same pod.

  4. Could you moonlight to help out Barney Frank? He's in trouble anytime he get interviewed.

    BTW - Do you have a nickname for Frank?

  5. Well, now we know why they needed to pull multiple C-5s and C-17s out of Afghanistan for this trip...

    (she changed in museum bathroom so the TV cameras wouldn't show her wearing the same outfit in an eight hour period)

    That's so sad.

  6. you mean that weird looking thing with the huge white bow??????

    what's she hiding? a coupla Twinkies?

  7. I heard that the JCrew clothes she was wearing are selling out at stores. Too bad she hasn't been seen buying Dow stocks or driving a GM car.

  8. Lots of great ideas above, but actually it's pretty simple. Everywhere she goes, Big Mo orders 3 chili dogs and a chocolate shake..... Toes got HAZMAT duty -- that's why he looked so mad all the time and that's why he knows those designers (had to fill in form [again!] at the dry cleaners...).

    And THAT'S why Big Mo got sent home early. No, she did not go willingly, but Toes has some dirt in his back pocket on everybody. All he had to do was whisper in her ear, "I'm thinking about something interesting that happened in 1998... ," and she dropped her choke hold on the Secret Serviceman and got into the car.

  9. TOTUS, do you ever get to watch 24 during er, down time?