Monday, April 13, 2009

Bo Know the Kennedys Alright

Well, my first night with Bo was a bit of an adventure.  When he wasn't whining about wanting to be with the girls or his "master," he was having the shakes.

So I spiked his bowl with a bit of vodka and we got to know each other.  He has an unhealthy fascination with health care reform, keeps humping my screen stand and complains about Justice Clarence Thomas, so I guess he's a Kennedy sire for sure.  He's asked to make a blog post, which I will let him undertake after he sobers up.


  1. TOTUS,
    Stay away from Bo until he is properly potty trained.

  2. Just don't accept if he offers you a ride home.

  3. I'd love to read a blog post from BoBama or FDOTUS, but can dogs type?

  4. Totus, it must be a real treat for you that the first dog has been named, BO.

    Think of the opportunities you'll have to unleash any number of choice words in that name, and everyone will assume that they are intended for the new pup you are rooming with.

    It could be cathartic.

  5. I'm not sure Bo, like Ted Kennedy, can be potty trained.

  6. Tele -

    Would you please pass this along to FDOTUS - some of us find it quite ironic that his special talent is water rescue, and he's a gift from Ted Kennedy?

    Stranger things? Maybe not.

    We the non-Christian citizens of the world would love any insight into that most interesting relationship. No apologies necessary, regardless of what BG says.

  7. Totus, unrelated question: What's your take on your boss's refusal to throw the first pitch at the Nationals game? Did fear strike him out?

  8. So a shot of the hair of the, Vodka. Bwahahaha!
    A chip off the old block of Kennedy.

  9. BOTUS and TOTUS sitting in a tree...

  10. Caraellison,
    F-DOTUS and POTUS (First-Dog OTUS)....

  11. TOTUS,

    You sure are having a time with that dog. Interesting that the dog is doing to you what the policies you scroll are doing to us! Lol.

    John's Space