Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Right to Piracy?

So Bo's been chewing on my electrical cord and making me go all wobbly.  Similar to my time in Iowa when I went on the "fritz" to teach Big O a lesson during the primary season, my little "end privacy" gag the other day didn't go over very well around the White House.

Toes and Gibbsy are just going to have to learn to deal with the relationship that Big Guy and I have, that's all. And the nation will have to learn, as well. I'm here to stay.  But as many of you know, Big Guy doesn't just make gaffes on the fly.  There is always a little truth behind the slips.  And as this report indicates, potential pirates are everywhere, and our tough-as-nails Homeland Security chief Janet Napolitano is on top of things. If ending the threat of piracy, which by the way is the greatest threat to our way of life since our nation's creation, requires an end to privacy, then Big Guy is the man to do it.  And so is Napolitano. 


  1. There should be no expectation of privacy when you think wrong.

    This report is a good first shot across their bow. Hopefully these domestic terrorists will take heed and start scraping the Ron Paul bumper stickers off their hulls.

  2. TOTUS-

    In your opinion, given your intimate positioning and familiarity behind-the-scenes, who would emerge victorious from this donnybrook:

    Janet Napolitano v. Hilary Clinton v. Nancy Pelosi v. Michelle Obama?

    My bet is on Napolitano's hair, but I've heard stories about Pelosi...

    Thanks for clarifying,


  3. Bet he got a charge out of that .
    FIDOTUS has to learn the "ropes" about chewing
    tail attached to true (Tyrrone) power (to the people) types like yourself TP .
    He might find out ,that you too can bite .
    Thankfully you hardly ever do .

  4. Totus: Corgi Stan strongly recommends that you purchase some Bitter Apple Spray for your cord. He had similar experiences as a pupster and learned quickly what was allowed in his mouth.
    On the other hand he thinks you should spray beef gravy on Toes' shoes.

  5. "We need to wipe out privacy on the high seas."

    "Cap'n! The privates are coming fast!"

    "Americans have a reasonable expectation of piracy in their homes."

    "Yo ho, yo ho, a private's life for me."

    "There is a penumbra of piracy in the U.S. Constitution."

  6. Piracy/Privacy---
    You say Tom-AE-to, I say Tom-AH-to---
    There's really NO diff.

    The important thing, TOTUS, is to maintain MIND CONTROL. Otherwise, people might reconsider the Right of Piracy of the WOMB---slaughtering millions of innocents each year.

  7. TOTUS,
    Be honest, a Pirate Speech is in the works, right?
    It's not that I want it... I NEED it.

  8. Paul Begala and Neil Cavuto.

    Paul Begala spinning tax day tea partys like a whirling dervish. Neil Cavuto gets some good shots at Imus. Really if the Tea Partys are so insignificant why are the Democrats spending so much time trying to degrade American Protesters? I remember the Democrats stating during the Bush Administration, Dissent is Patriotic. What happened to that Democrat Talking Point?

  9. TOTUS, what's the deal with that line in this mornings speech about 'biggest tax cut in history'?? Did Tiny Tim provide that factoid? You need a factchecker to screen the stuff they try to put onto your hard drive.

  10. My favorite college coach, Mike Leach, has a ton of pirate stuff he can lend Big Guy including a life-sized pirate that moves when you do. He also has a lot of great pirate-themed speeches he uses to motivate his football team at Texas Tech. Worth looking into for the next hijacking, because we all know there will be another hijacking or two or three.......

  11. TOTUS,
    springchicken61 is on to something, please look into this.

  12. next time start off with a good "Aaaaarrrr ye beady-eyes! Fire as ye guns bare!"

  13. The BO has really done a flip-flop on the privacy thing. Remember when he was campaigning against Bush's wiretapping? Now he's all behind wiretapping and even trying to brand those who disagree with his policies as domestic terrorists. How chilling that is!

    John's Space

  14. Dear TOTUS,

    Might you know when your cousin, CTOTUS (Canine Totus) will be installed and Bo trained to use it?

    I photoshopped a picture for the occasion!

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