Thursday, April 30, 2009

Killer B

Big Guy called Bruno and Biden into the Oval about 15 minutes ago and he was pretty annoyed.  There are rumors that Biden's comments on the "Today" show this morning, where he said he personally told his family not to ride public transportation or to even go into a mall out of concern for the porcine-induced disaster, caused a panic on the Washington Metro. 

Bruno said he briefed Biden on what to say and not say, and that it just "went in one ear and out the other."  At this point in the conversation, it appeared Biden was just staring out the window at a bee in the Rose Garden, just following it as it buzzed around. 

I don't know what's worse: that the man has an attention span of a gnat, or his incurable case of foot in mouth disease. 


  1. As soon as I heard him, I said Uh oh! This was after he called Matt "Sam." Would that be Sam Donaldson?

  2. If either Napoleonatano or Joe the Plugger goes off script again, they may get the flu in the Chicago sense.

  3. Joey B rocks! He is going to one up TATUS, crash the Airlines, Travel, malls AND public transportation, all on one death! fantastic! Just think of what we can take over now! errr I mean "bail out"' errr "rescue"

  4. TOTUS:
    Did you get a chance to talk to the bee?

  5. TOTUS....

    BO better get get a larger circus tent or lay-off some clowns...


  6. Just for that, Toes and Gibbsy are going to send Joey B. to the closest pig farm to show the world that all is safe. Good luck with that. Where's Arnold Ziffel when you need him?

  7. In the real world they'd put Biden in charge of "Special Projects", give him a corner office with big windows so he can watch the bees, a few bobble-heads to keep him occupied when it's dark outside, and let him ride out his time hopefully without accidentally hurting himself.

  8. It's weird to think that our "leaders" are more effective in crippling the American economy than the terrorists were after 9/11. :-S

  9. Oooohhhhh Shaun good one. It is amazing how distructive a hand full of idiots can be. God help us all. How many years will it take to undo the damage??????

  10. Jason, worry not that Joey B might hurt himself. It's more likely that OTHERS will hurt HIM, "in the Chicago sense" (as tennismom aptly noted).

    Instead, pray that nothing happens to His Archness, BO. He's already the Messiah; who wants he should become a martyr/saint----and leave Joey behind as POTUS!?

  11. Yes, GOD FORBID a politician actually be HONEST about something and answer the question he was asked and respond honestly that he has a right to be really concerned about his family's health.

    Biden did nothing wrong.

    He talked about something honestly. He didn't lie. He didn't pretend, like potus, to be an epidemiologist, CEO, general, and know-it-all capable of doing anything AND more.

  12. shoogoo2, you're right; Biden is refreshingly blunt, albeit often honesty-challenged; this time, he did NOT lie.

    However, as Second in Command (gulp) of the world's leading nation, Joey should monitor his mouth, so as not to create panic. It's in the Job Description.

    After all, think of the panic he'd cause if Joey was honest about the completely ineffective bail-outs or stimuli pack-ai!

  13. For all the great commenters here, and for you, TOTUS. Okay, this is also for POTUS, Lady M., Toes, Gibbsy, Tim, The Mask, Joey B, and Bruno.

    We want the best for everyone: freedom and joy.

  14. Mountain Mama,

    ..."as second in command (gulp) of the world's leading nation, Joey should monitor his mouth, so as not to create panic."...

    And as if Joey being Second in Command is not scary enough, how about Pelousi being third in line? We're doomed.

  15. Way to ruin the afternoon, freeUSA!

    Forget doomed via Pelosi: Hillary is still lurking in the shadows, hatching her plots. Ever notice how BO flinches when she pats his back (which he can't watch, see)? Remember all the dough Dough-boy Clinton gets from creepy spots?

    Life is sure interesting. I wish we COULD just sing and dance together....

  16. shoogoo2:
    So you're kind of saying that a true friend stabs you in the front?

  17. We only keep 'Lunchbucket' Joe around for comic relief. The real VP is a robot ninja pirate hidden under the whitehouse.

  18. JOE, JOE, JOE....Maybe BIG GUY should loan him TOTUS for awhile. Totus would not let him say this c.r.a.p. although totus does let Big Guy get away with a lot of stuff.

  19. TOTUS:
    What truth is there to the rumor that the real VP is a robot ninja pirate hidden under the white house? Because I had it from a good source that the real VP is named John the Baptist. He was eaten alive by a giant white dove.

  20. But he has a higher IQ than all of us - - just ask him, he will tell you. LOL LOL LOL LOL

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  22. Just wanted to add my congrats on last night's "enchanted" presser-the worst 100 days, I mean first 100 days celebration. And what spectacular news to learn that Big O saved, through his shrewd administrative maneuvering, saved, 150,000 jobs! Boy, give this man a mission, he acts so swiftly, it's like it did not happen. O.K., O.K. so over 2 million jobs were lost. Only petty, evil-minded people would bring this up.

  23. A Song for TOTUS from BO:

    "Some enchanted evening
    You may see a stranger,
    you may see a stranger
    Across a crowded room
    And somehow you know,
    You know even then
    That somewhere you'll see him
    Again and again....

    "Who can explain it?
    Who can tell you why?
    Fools give you reasons,
    Wise men never try....
    Once you have found him,
    Never let him go!"

  24. OOPS! I forgot:
    "From South Pacific"

  25. Bettyann, so glad you are still with us! You had me a little worried last night.

    I'm sorry you chose to keep the pig and haven't washed your hands and are coughing into the wind, but I'm sensing you have what it takes to beat the porcine death knell. Just let us know if you start snorting. It may signal the end.

    WARNING: I think maybe you have transmitted the virus via this comment thread because I snort every time I read anything you say! If attendance starts to drop, we'll know you were the culprit.

    Oh well, if we gotta go, we may as well go out laughing!

  26. Imageremix:
    My new pig loves beer. This is going to be an expensive suicide.

  27. Joey B is the one bright light of the Obama Administration! He is the only one of them that doesn't raise my blood pressure.

    John's Space

  28. Biden should take his own advice about keeping out of confined spaces and take his head out of his ass

  29. Sir Goat:
    Is THAT what happened to his hair?? huh.

  30. Silly, Biden was just boosting the auto industry. Big Guy will have a "talk" with him and wag a finger ... but (wink wink) not really.

    Who cares if anyone trashes public transportation? It is heavily subsidized anyway, and folks that ride it don't have a choice ... unless ... unless they get into a GM machine with a Rocket V-8.

    And Chrysler has been failing for 30 years. So put it in the ground before the flies get too thick. Kia is building a new plant in Georgia without government money, and Chrysler can't make it to the potty WITH government money, gurgling its last breath. All while the UAW and Fiat play their silly games.

    By the way, when was the last time Biden took public transportation? Of course he stays away from common carrier jets. He has his own for chrissakes courtesy of the USA!

  31. AIR BIDEN - Shirts, Mugs, Buttons, Magnets, Bumper Stickers!

  32. Well, now they know they have to use chains on him---apparently, he's able to chew through the leather and find a camera.

  33. [Susan said] "... send Joey B. to the closest pig farm ... ."

    LOL! So, how long did he have to sit in the Senate chambers with his bobble-heads, working on his "special project?" [GOOD ONE, Jason]

  34. [John ... said] "Joey B ... is the only one of them that doesn't raise my blood pressure."]

    Say, you know what? That's true. He is 100% pure comedy Relief.

    Even if the D'oh! Donkey did kick the bucket and we had to cash in on "B. Hussein's insurance police" [this idea coined by Ann Coulter, I think], Joe B. is just like, oh...., like ..... a "crazy uncle." Send him down to the store to buy a grade-eight hole or some new wheels for the telephone. He won't be a problem.

  35. Good one, Oracle. Bah, ha, ha, ha! I'm going to go out and buy a "pre-owned" Suburban at BARRY'S USED CARS. Heh, heh, heh.


    Just business as usual up at the Donkey Barn:



    [Here, D'oh! = D'oh!'s Scare Force One stunt -- still resonating... Diversion = Big Mouth Biden]

    REPEAT UNTIL ...............

    2012 Presidential Election postponed indefinitely due to "National Emergency"

    I'm still waiting to hear why the U.S. Navy did not kill those pirates the FIRST time Captain Phillips jumped into the water; the Bainbridge was right there; SEALS are terrific, but they aren't the only ones who can shoot a gun... .

    "So, MISTER Con Man in Chief.... just exactly what were those Rules of Engagement and why did you have your lackeys write two (count 'em two) legal MEMO's to cover yourself?!!!"

  36. Stoney, FYI, "Sam" was the Biden family dog around 1946.

  37. Shaun said: "It's weird to think that our "leaders" are more effective in crippling the American economy than the terrorists were after 9/11"...

    Maybe the Libs are trying to clean up their act a bit, and get rid of some of the worst offenders, per this video from Pajamas Media T.V.: Alfonzo Rachel in President Zobama in 'Under my bus"....

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