Thursday, April 2, 2009

Tomorrow Is Today

Today is your tomorrow, but for me today is going to be another big day. We aren't giving away anymore i-Pods, but we will be doing a lot of talking at the G-20 and be in private meetings. Right now the plan is for us to be at the G-20 plenary sessions most of the day, and then Big Guy and I will break off for private meetings with the leaders of South Korea and India.

The rumor around here is that Rahm is flying in to join us before we head off the to continent. I'm actually looking forward to seeing him, because he's been bragging about knowing all the good clubs to hang out in in Prague, and he says the Czech women are remarkable.

It's not like I need him to spice up my social life, mind you. I did manage to spend some time with Sarkozy's promptaire, but I'm not sure we're compatible. I mean, we definitely aren't technologically compatible, you know, different voltages, different operating systems. But it's that American-French thing so many of us guys have run into; I know that she has an English mode, but she refused to switch over from French mode and just acted like she didn't understand a word I scrolled. Typical.


  1. Twinkle Toes likes WOMEN?!? Who woulda thunk?


  2. rofl....i'm glad your today is my tomorrow because then I can find out ahead what is going on

  3. It's okay, there are plenty of teleprompters made in the good ole USA for you to hook up with.