Monday, April 6, 2009

About This Turkey Trip

So, we're here in Turkey today, and this may be the most contentious part of the trip. All of us are a bit on edge, because we know the stakes are pretty high. We're in a Muslim state, and Big Guy is a president with a Muslim name. We don't want to confuse people here about that. Big Guy isn't Muslim, no matter what his Oman tries to tell people. I'm joking. Seriously.

Big Guy is not going to bash the United States while he's here. He's promised us that. Because we think that if he were to pile on America here, it might inflame some Muslim extremists to actually believe what Big Guy is saying, take his anti-Americanism to heart and then try to do something to Americans as payback. And since we're the Americans in closest proximity to said Muslim extremists, well you get the idea.

That's not to say that Big Guy won't say something as he's getting Air Force One tomorrow. At which point, all of you folks are on your own.


  1. Nothing like having a Prez that's got your back.

  2. Just a thought... does he not thing that Muslim country have tv??

    They can hear what he has to say no matter where he is...

    what a putz..

  3. You looked FABULOUS in the Turkish paliament. You showed up so clearly against the white dias.

    But, who was the funny man with the big ears repeating everything you said? He was distracting.

    If he is going to do that again, make sure he practices all the hard words first; "Bo-Borshperus" is not an accepted variant on "Bosporus".

  4. TOTUS, you and Big Guy have such an elegant way of saying nothing at all. Big Guy skirted admirably around a question about Armenian genocide by the Turks, stating that he hoped there was a resolution and statement and blah, blah, blah. Does BO realize that everything he has ever said (and voted on) can and will be used against him by the press?

  5. Obama had 12 Teleprompters with him on the G-20 trip, so how many will he be taking to Turkey?

    Obama's 12-Teleprompter Entourage at The G-20

  6. springchicken61... hmmm, and just what press would that be? Certainly not the US press; it doesn't exist -- they're just Rah-Rah teenie-boppers for BO

    He's already bowed to the Saudi King; so the Muslims have no doubt whose side he's on (and it's definitely NOT the Right side)

  7. "Bo-Borshperus!" Ha, ha. Good one, TOTUS. (wink-wink)

  8. How immensely appropriate that the Con Man in Chief would make a turkey of himself in Turkey.

    "... Indians ..." ?!!! Oh, yeah. I get it. Europeans (and Turkish, too) STILL think that the American Indians are forced to live on reservations and are treated poorly. Good ol' "citizen of the world" links arms with our detractors abroad once again. Truly, with B.O., "It's all about me."

  9. Totus, did the BIG GUY really say "he was one of them"?