Saturday, April 4, 2009

Rahm Arrives

Rahm showed up today - isn't it just like him to arrive in the country where the food is good - and seemed in a prickly mood. Seems he and Fancy Nancy had a bit of tiff over some minor budget item. Nancy wanted to give more sweetheart deals to businesses in California her husband had ties to, and Rahm thought they should be rolled over to the next fiscal year, or something like that. Overall, though, the budget process came off without much of a hitch, we got the trillions that we were asking for, so drinks on us tonight, I guess.

Rahm says that Big Guy's trip thus far has not gotten the glowing attention we think he's getting. I really don't know how that's possible. I mean one mediocre speech where a President bashes his own country shouldn't kill a trip, just like one speech shouldn't make a career. Oh, wait, that didn't come out right.


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  2. TOTUS, you're becoming irrelevant.
    Can't you stop the embarrassment? Either you are the soul and voice of the leader of the free world, or just an apparatus. Transform yourself into a mind control device.
    Please, we need your wisdom.

  3. TOTUS when The One made the America has been Arrogant comment, was he reacting to the reflection from your screen reflector....I noticed there was a technical problem earlier and he wasn't getting his feed, you know he relies on user friendly low tech (somebody has to upload ?his? thoughts into you) He doesn't have a back up? Someone could show him how to do card tricks or he could get out a hacky sack ....juggle, oh I know speed cup stacking. This was France after all remember comedian Jerry Lewis is their idol. Is there a possibility of a swap with France? They Take Obama we get Sarkozy? I don't understand Sarkozy when he speaks but then I don't understand Obama either....

  4. Tell Toes I'll be keeping his name front and center in the press over here. You can take the politician out of Chicago, but you can't take the Chicago politics out of the politician. Have a nice trip, Toes, and remember what I got is f***ing golden.

    Big Tony sends his regards to O and the missus.

  5. "Liberté...uh...hmm...

    ...*crickets chirping*...

    Oh yeah! Égalité and Fraternité or something.


    You're starting to slip TOTUS. Too much French wine or French Promptiere?

  6. Keyboard Jockey, that cracked me up.

    Not only does his meandering trail of non-sequiturs confuse his audience and force them into a dopey-eyed trance, but it seems that even HE has been falling victim to his long-winded soliloquies. This could explain a lot.

    And now with this trip abraod, that wilderness of well-worn campaign phrases has had the opportunity to become a global sleep aid.

    Totus, are you behind this too? You sure do good work. You knew we needed a good rest, what with talk of a new world order making it hard for some of us to sleep lately. Thanks little guy.

  7. Whoa - Big Guy looks like he's flying solo right now in Strasbourg. Lots of aaannnd, uuhhhh. Wait, are you in the podium? He's looking down there a lot.

  8. I have to agree with the chick(en). You really need to become more proactive in killing the uhhhs, errrs, ummms, etc. Are you hard-wired or hot-spotted?

    I mean if you're hard-wired, you should wrap your cords around his ... legs ... and give a good swift yank every time he says "uhhhh."

  9. I almost forgot. Little Richie says thanks for finally paying for that lake-front shindig Big O threw for himself back in November. He was beginning to think it was one of those toxic assets.

  10. Totus, were you at the French News Conference?
    I heard a rumor that Rhom the "dead fish", text messages Zero's responses to you from his blackberry while standing offstage just behind the curtain. Any Comment?

  11. Oh, John H,sort of like a dog correction collar? Oui, oui! Over and over again!

  12. I missed him bashing the US - what happened? I mean, I missed this last one; I know he's done it hundreds of times before...