Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Pillar Fight

Some of you may have noticed that during today's speech at Georgetown University, Big Guy talked a lot about pillars. He loves pillars. He has pillars for the economy, pillars for health care policy, pillars for Wall Street reform, pillars for his government reform plan, which largely entails building more pillars for government buildings.

There are two reasons that Big O likes to talk about pillars. First, his speechwriters are lazy and the pillars are an easy way to structure a speech that Big Guy could read off my screens in his sleep. If he didn't need to pay really close attention to the screens, that is.

Second, with all these pillars he's erecting, he's going to end up with a really neat monument to himself. Every great presidential monument has pillars, and he wants his to have the most ... and a really good snack bar and gift shop.


  1. I want to see the Greek styrofoam columns from the DNC speech return....for a speech in front of the REAL White House columns.

    The fake ones should be interspersed between the real ones.

    That's how a Mount Olympus should look, dagnammit.

    Get on it, TOTUS. I know you can make it happen.

  2. I can think of 5 Pillars that also might interest him. :(

  3. A stray thought on healthcare...it is interesting that Obama wants to free corporations from paying for healthcare.

    John's Space

  4. TOTUS,
    Pillars, flags, a podium, an adoring audience, and you... now that's how to front a power grab!

  5. I suppose as being a 'green' president, Big Guy would want to recycle those Styrofoam columns he had made for his convention acceptance speech.

    So how is the planning going for the new Barackopolis? You know, Mt. Rushmore just won't be big enough to house the memorials that BO has planned and builds for himself in the name of 'economic stimulus'. I'm sure BO spent his 180 some odd days in the Senate studying under the great Sheets Byrd in learning how to build monuments to himself with federal taxpayer money.

    Keep up the good work TOTUS, and keep a gimlet screen/eye out for Toes...we know he is a bad seed.

  6. Pillar's the first dog can relieve himself on....

  7. TOTUS,
    Tell me true. Was the Iraq visit with our service men and women really staged? Is Big Guy so insecure that he has to pack the house with only the soldiers who said they voted for him?

  8. Hey, TOTUS, that line stood out to me, too. As he was listing them: "blah, blah, education, blah, blah, blah, healthcare..." I was thinking, "5th Column. How ironic."

    Columns at Demonocrat acceptance speech, "Czars," sacking a corp.'s president with no legal authority, the "I won" sneer, the nose-in-the-air arrogance every time B.O. has to share the stage with someone else, naming his dog after himself, ..... makes ya wonder.

    On the other hand.... giggling like a schoolgirl on "60 Minutes;" "just give the kid a..... uuh, uh breathalyzer...;" bowing to Saud; musing about how to say something in "Austrian;" unable to put two sentences together without rote memorization [why else is he so vehement about staying on topic!!] or a teleprompter in front of his face; and thinking there are 57 + states. Yup. The guy's a DOPE. Behind that ambitious Empty Suit lie Axelrod and Ayers and several others who do the heavy lifting of "Chang[ing]" America into a Socialist "Dictatorship of the Elite." [Friedrich Hayek].

  9. Yeah TOTUS! Per John's Space comment - can you ask BO or Toes (or Bo) who's paying for that? Especially since he's cutting taxes for 95% of us...

  10. does he even look at his speeches before you go live?


  11. TruthWillWin - did you forget...'and change the royal diaper?'

  12. Great minds, Susan: we thought of the same use for the pillars.... (heh heh)

    See, Big Guy (not to mention Lady M: "Arms") won't care about most of the 5 Pillars, with all that embarrassingly-religious faith-profession, praying, fasting, and alms-giving.

    But a trip overseas to Mecca (final pillar)? Yep, that might help B.O.'s ratings again!

    Got your bag packed, TOTUS?

  13. I just kept thinking of the 5 pillars... of Islam... I'm just saying.

  14. Pillars are often topped by a lintel and other stuff like a "roof", you know, to bring you closer to God and keep out the rain.

    And pillars always rest on a "foundation" ... you always need a good one. (Write this on your hand in case you forget.) Otherwise those really heavy pillars in PowerPoint would look sort of silly resting on mulch.

    But ... TOTUS isn't angling for his own pillar is he? With all those wires dangling down? I mean why all this sudden fascination with pillars?

  15. Thanks, Free USA. Yeah. I forgot. Good one! Heh, heh.

  16. Say, you folks are more informed than I. "The 5 pillars of Islam." I suppose they're something like the 4 H's (Heart, Hands,...)? NOT! More likely they are: Pedophilia -- Bigotry -- Murder -- Ignorance -- and Anti-Semitism.*

    *[all of those delightful aspects of Mohammedism are told by former Islamists in an excellent book: Why We Left Islam].

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