Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Rahm's Evil Plan, Cont'd.

As some of you may know, Big Guy has been having issues with a group of moderate Democrats in both the House and the Senate.  It's made for some uncomfortable meetings, especially when guys like Sen. Evan Bayh, who was going to work for Big Guy in his cabinet until he got cold feet, stand up to him on the budget, or TARP or stimulus, or health care ... you get the idea.

Actually, these "blue dogs" are a bigger headache for Toes, as he is usually the guy who has to sit through these meetings and pretend to listen to their "concerns."  But this morning, Toes seemed a bit more spritely than he usually is. When we asked about it during the senior staff meeting, it held up the newspaper and pointed to a story.

"Imagine a House and Senate with nobody in it," Toes said. "But everyone duly elected. We'd never have a problem."  When we point out that there'd be no one to vote, he said  that was the point. I hate it when he goes to his "dark place" and drags us along for the ride.


  1. Teleprompter, everytime I see the Big Guy and you together I think of Easy-E, "Ice Cube writes the rhymes that I say"...

  2. President Obama goes "Willy Wonka." Find out why? ObamasBlackberry.blogspot

  3. Only a politician from Chicago would think it acceptable to elect a bunch of dead people.

  4. Where did Toes learn to be such a thug, Ballet School? Or was he sent to an Israeli Kibbutz as a young man and beaten mercilessly for being a ballet dancer? Makes ya wonder...

  5. Obama Campaign Slogan "It's the War Stupid"

    Col Jack Jacob this morning on Imus in the morning, mentions todays politicians are primarily media personalities. Col Jacobs is more focused on the U.S. Military Budget, and the Afghanistan War and our build up of troops. President Obama promised to increase our footprint in Afghanistan. Imus asked Col Jacobs out of all his campaign promises why did he decide to keep this one?

    Maybe we will outfit our troops with those little PUMAS in the news because apparently that is the only way our U.S. Military build up is going to get any attention.

  6. I heard Col Jack Jacob this morning on Imus too.

    Jacobs said something along the lines of Obama is superb at being a media personality. Then he wondered how long Obama's success at this will last.

    Also his comment on Obama governing is that he will be fine if he surrounds himself with the right people.

    Big change from the Colonel... months ago we had to have Obama in the Presidency like we had to have Geithner for Treasury... now Obama's greatest attribute is his media personality..

  7. TOTUS-

    Any truth to the rumor that this is really Joey B's idea? With a 0-0 tie in the Senate, he'd be in position to rule the Upper Chamber with his tie-breaking vote.

    I hear after after retiring from his relief pitching career with the Orioles, he's looking for something else.

  8. AJ's Dad, you said it, the Chicago connection is no accident.

    -- with "The Living Dead" (a.k.a. B. Hussein O.), "The Vampire" (a.k.a. Rahmmmmmm -- TOTUS, you were right on to say above, "IT held up the newspaper"), TATUS the sociopath, the rest of the undead in the Executive Branch, the Demonocrats in Congress, and the Obamazombies all over the country, our country is turning into one giant horror flick.

    If only it were just a movie.

    Hang tight, patriots! We may be headed into Hell, but, God willing and with God's help, we'll make it back out again. The United States of America will come through. Fight where you can and, in the meantime, stand your ground. Right will triumph, and Truth will win.