Friday, April 10, 2009

Good Friday, Indeed

It's true that Big Guy and the family are still trying to figure out where they will go for Sunday services, not only for Easter, but for every Sunday.  As you some of you may know, Big Guy was not a regular church attendee ... one reason why he missed every single controversial sermon my good friend Jeremiah Wright made. It's pretty tough for me to walk away from the Rev, in no small part because I'm inanimate.  But also because - little known fact - he gave me to Big Guy more than 15 years ago. But I digress.

It isn't just Big Guy and Lady M who are anxious about which pew they will place their fannies.  Most of us at the White House need to know too. After all, we can't worship him, if we don't where he's worshiping Him, if you get my drift.


  1. Well TOTUS it's Good Friday and I'm off to visit family in Louisiana. I wish you and yours - including the Big Guy, his family, his administration, staff and yes, even Toes, a blessed Easter.

    Know Jesus, know peace - no Jesus, no peace.

  2. I wonder if they would take suggestions as to where they should attend? It should be somewhere with multiple ethnicity's. Somewhere where the minister agrees with him politically, otherwise, that could just be a big bummer.

    I think it should be somewhere that is warm enough for M to wear her sleeveless dresses and also for the press to get a good picture of her in them. The people in attendance should dress well but not better than M.

    Maybe we could just start a new church in DC and BO could be the preacher. That could work. Then he and his sycophants could spend all Sunday morning worshiping their true god. Sounds like a plan. . .

  3. I read in Politico (really) that they want to attend an African-American church, but they are having trouble finding one where the preacher doesn't give controversial sermons,
    at least what would seem controversial to the rest of us. I guess the Big O can get away with not hearing what was said in church only so many times.

  4. Maybe they could attend Rev. James David
    Manning's service. He is African American, is very well known, speaks very well, and has a large congregation.

  5. Totus, if you're not too busy, I could use your services on Sunday...not for anything fabulous and entertaining as what Big Guy uses you for...but I still don't have my lines down for the monologue I wrote...You could save another life! Besides when is the last time you have been to KC?

  6. Hot Cross Buns......

    I keep reading the Tea Partys are racist…really how? That is the
    left blogosphere, this is the new era of race relations in America? Yes
    Our Elected Officials are Dishonest, isn’t this a big duh moment check
    out what Vice President Joe Biden, it is Patriotic to pay taxes has said lately blatant lies. No this
    isn’t a race thing, no matter who the President is, this is an AMERICAN
    THING. I think Logistic Monster on City Tavern blog, put it very well in,
    This is Your Come To Jesus Moment Post. This isn’t about Political

    Tax Day for me, I get to Bail Out GM. Apparently I get to pay for an
    auto, I never get to take possession of or ever drive. What is the
    protest about- The Bail Outs, the out of control Government Spending.
    Newsflash it is Tax Payer Money NOT politician’s money being spent. The
    people we elected to public office our public servants are raiding the
    Public’s Cookie Jar, and leaving I.O.U. Tea & Cookies

  7. TOTUS,
    You have a soul, please do your best to make it appear like your boss has one also...

  8. freeUSA, Pastor Manning. Good one.
    Too bad he's in NYC.

  9. TOTUS, maybe barry could have a contest, like american idol or something, where his fans picks his new church,mosque, coven or relic holding place.

  10. TOTUS,
    I have heard potus quote scripture from you.
    You might be a prophet...

  11. how about the Temple Mount?

  12. Just put a bench in front of the bathroom mirror. The O is Messiah anyway, save the gas getting to church.

  13. And when he finds his church, I'm sure he'll make sure that he's photographed carrying a Bible as big as a microwave.

  14. There has got to be one church in all of DC that teaches God, the Bible, Jesus, grace, salvation. Oh wait. They didn't want controversial.

  15. Barry's Used Cars - it would be worth the trip!

    Militia member? - good one!

  16. I don't know about you, but picking out a church to attend isn't too hard for me. If he has problems figuring this problem out............

  17. TOTUS,
    What's the deal with this pirate thing? Any thoughts you might have would be appreciated.

  18. It is amazing that people are so surprised by the Big Guy's apology tour. He spent 20 years listening to Rev. Wright who told him just how bad America is.

    John's Space

  19. A little off topic, but I know how the big guy could solve the pirate issue. Have him offer them TARP money. He can then use the threat of firing any pirates that end up with too much booty...

  20. He and M are going to be bored, bored, bored, attending church. I assume, at most, they will attend some church on major church holidays / festivals, but will otherwise seldom attend. They have never struck me as "religious" types.

  21. TOTUS...are you in cahoots with Jimmah trying to make him look good now?

    With hostage taking and being a spineless Democrat President is playing like a sequel.

  22. Happy Easter TOTUS, I'm sure you'll be busy on Monday at the White House Easter Egg Roll. Please have someone keep their eyes on Toes, somehow I feel he's going to go out and steal all the good eggs for himself before they turn the kids loose to find them.

  23. TOTUS,
    I read that big boy gave a lot of the tickets to the Easter egg roll to "diversity groups". Are any of the ticket going to be given to the Pirates/terroist? (or Nautical sea monkeys -whatever their politically correct name is)?

  24. I am constantly amazed at the belly aching and the lack of respect for our President.
    If you do not like it here feel free to MOVE!
    As for the Jim Jones comment from John, that is the most disgusting thing I have read on ANY blog spot and, in my opinion, shows what a weak minded individual you must be to suggest that any human being should be subjected to a horrible death. Perhaps YOU should be the first to form the exodus movement from our great country. And don't forget your Kool Aid.

  25. " Inanimate " ? Not by a long shot .
    You are as good as any man on the team TP .
    A voice of sanity amidst Bedlam itself .
    All that inside poop you offer is hell on wheels. Maybe we could get you some ?
    Then no one could slow you down ,
    differently abled or not .
    Also wouldn't hurt our PR outreach to
    certain groups who can't take a joke .
    See above .

  26. Gee Teri..I'm sure you showed quite a bit of respect for President Bush..right?

  27. I don't think Teri likes you totus.Perhaps she doesn't get it, maybe all this Presidental stuff is too complicated for her, like long division. Sounds like she want to kick us out of the country though. But TOTUS, do not fret, we give you the highest level of respect and props, just not big boy. Oh, did I see you out in the white play ground with sec. of state hill yesterday? I thought I saw your screen's reflection but it was hard to tell with Barry smoking a KOOL or was it a Newport light?

  28. TOTUS,
    I saw the photo of Big Guy and Hill resting at the picnic table after recess. Were you there? What were they doing? Playing in the sandbox, perhaps?

  29. Lighthouse - yes, I did, because he was our President, regardless of what I may have thought of his personal beliefs.
    Rustard - I do have a sense of humor and I do understand complicated concepts. I also believe in a concept called respect and patriotism.
    Preptile - we, obviously, have a different idea of 'humor' and I defend everyone's right to their own beliefs with regard to humor. My objection is about people that bitch without taking action, like leaving....ha....that was a funny....

  30. Teri,
    I think you protest a bit too much.

  31. Lighthouse - perhaps - but then, I can't cope with such a complicated concept, remember....ha!

  32. He could attend 16th Street Baptist. It's a nice church, I used to go there and so did Jimmy Carter. I mean he's pretty much following right along in those footsteps.

  33. I finally feel bad for POTUS, he is in a can't win situation. A church should be a private matter, not a political decision.

    I kind of agree with Teri, when we cross the line (where ever it may be, and that could be the debate) we become no better than them....better to wait until they are out of office and then give them the lack of respect they truly deserve, can anyone say Jimmah

  34. Geez Teri, maybe we should all shrug, I mean move. Then BO would really be stuck trying to find someone to pay the taxes to support his minions/cult members.

    I had my fill of the first Jimmy Carter administration and truly fear the next four years of what is fast becoming is second administration.

  35. Teri, who's forcing you to read the comments?

    I personally never go to lefty blogs and give them a piece of my mind.

    It would be arrogant and you know what POTUS said about us arrogant Americans.

  36. Preptile..."all that inside poop"...that you mentioned; were you speaking of Nancy the WH puppy poop, the donkey dung, or just the daily bull sh** that we have been hearing for the last year or so?

  37. I'm sure there is a mosque in DC where they could go to bow down to allah.

  38. Barry
    Now THAT was funn-eee!! Teri is just an uptight person who needs, well, an attitude adjustment. I am guessing she doesn't understand TOTUS the way we do. At least he's not a fraud running this great Country into the ground.

  39. To all our fellow bloggers, Terri thinks we should take our "koolaid" and leave the Country. Does anyone but me believe that "Terri" is the one who "drank" the koolaid?

    To Terri, the government is taking everything else we own, now someone wants to steal our senses of humor? I'm sorry, but that's where I'm going to have to draw the line! I have to laugh to keep from crying. LOL

    Pick up your tea bags and find a protest near you on April 15th. VN8

  40. @Teri:

    If you truly do believe in 'respect' and 'patriotism', then have some respect for those of us that enjoy this blog and leave.

    Nothing worse than having to listen to somebody 'bitch' with no action behind it, ( your words, not mine ).

  41. Teri, both times that President W was elected, a number of high-profile people swore they would leave the country. They didn't. They actually had very good reason not to leave. The President is not the Country. He is our representative, and is supposed to be part of the balance of power to prevent wholesale chaos. He is NOT the country. He will receive just as much respect as all the other presidents that I have known for the last 40 years . . . which is nearly none. There will always be political cartoons, late-night comics, and now blogs. The president will always be a target of jokes and innuendos. Your behavior, Teri, may be exemplary in regards to whoever is president, but is never going to make a difference to the vast majority of us, who will always cast aspersions on those who raise themselves above us.

  42. What happened to picking a church based on how closely the church resembles one's own theological beliefs?

    Does he want to go to church to convince people he's a Christian, or to convince them he's not a Muslim? Why does he feel it necessary to convince anyone of anything in the first place?

    He's going to have a hard time finding a church that, like him, doesn't believe in the first amendment.

  43. Good point Mark, typically, people of faith have no problem picking a church that corresponds to their religious principles, maybe that's the issue...

  44. Teri:

    You DO have a great sense of humor - we just didn't get your veiled sarcasm!!

    Like that comment about respect and patriotism? It went on BO's apology tour!

    And if one doesn't like this country he should leave. Unless you want to run for president and "fundamentally change" the greatest country on God's green earth.

    And what you said about people who %^&* and do nothing? Like BO's administration is doing with the Somali pirate situation?

    Ve see tru yer disgize! Clever girl!

  45. TOTUS,
    I saw Barry and Lady M. at that church today, but I didn't see you or the kids or Lady's makeup artist. What's the deal?

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