Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Back Home

Well, we're almost settled back home. I got good news on the way into town, which is that I'm back in the residence.  The bad news, I'm going to have a roommate.  Apparently the new "First Dog" is going to be showing up in short order, and I've been given the task of breaking her into life in the White House residence. 

There is some good news out of all this, given my status as an inanimate object, I don't have to pick up after the creature.  Until his election situation is clarified, that role will be filled by Al Franken.

Tomorrow will be a busy day with economic meetings.  My guess is that Timmy Terrific is going to have some explaining to do.


  1. Welcome back TOTUS and BO! The stock market started heading back down to welcome you back! While you were gone the Bush hold over, Sec. of Defense Gates, has been playing havoc with our national defense. I thought his cutting missile defense just as the North Koreans were launching the missile was particular episode of bad timing. Of course the Big Guy's (your) comments on nuclear weapons were very misguided.

    John's Space

  2. The indignity of it all. Fancy Nancy might be hard to train, too. At least Mrs O won't be jealous of her or else she'd have to send her to a Caribbean island. We wouldn't want that to happen.

  3. Having Al Franken pick up First Doggy's dog poop is beneath the dignity of....the dog.

    Welcome back home TOTUS, I'm glad to see that you didn't get blown up by some of that funny foreign 230V/50Hz electric current!

  4. TOTUS my man,
    what is deal with lady m coming home early from the world tour? she forget her headdress or something? and what's with that dress that looked like a sanitary napkin exploded on her chest? I thought she was going to wear a t shirt that said something about "my babies daddy is TOTUS" what happened?

  5. I'm still missing my periods


  6. "... she forget her headdress... " [Rustard] -- Ha, ha, haaaaa. Yeah, that and she was running out of war paint.

    Seriously, Big Mo was out of her medication, the one that keeps her from blurting out what she's thinking. When Toes saw her fixed stare and heard her shout in the Czech hotel lobby, "I HATE AMERICANS!" They hustled her out of there PRONTO. To the shocked hotel guests (most of whom speak American - Big Mo only speaks American), Toes said cheerily, "ARMENIANS! Just a little misunderstanding; personal problem with Armenians. [aside to secret service: straight to the airport]."

  7. [..."I don't have to pick up after..."] Glad to hear it, TOTUS, for it will be nearly impossible. That place is so full of donkey dung, you'd never find it.

    Probably won't be much of an issue, though, even if the dog isn't house trained. The Obamanations will probably leave the poor animal outside in the back (except when cameras are rolling). Hopefully, one of the Secret Servicemen likes dogs and will give it some attention.

  8. Welcome back, TOTUS. "That place is so full of donkey dung..." good one TruthWillWin!

  9. TOTUS,

    Don't waste one moment. Turn that dog into one of your best pals.

    Like Napoleon in "Animal Farm" swoopin up those puppies and makin them good little tools of the State.

    The possiblities for empire-building are endless.

    Good luck!

  10. Has it been established that the first dog will be female? If the first dog ends up being male, you might end up getting "marked" as an inanimate object so beware.