Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Big Guy's Church Of a New Foundation

You're going to be hearing a lot about Big Guy's "New Foundation" theme, which he is trotting out tonight in his opening remarks. This was focus-grouped and messaged-tested to death, let me tell you. Big Guy loves it, because it harkens to JFK's "New Frontier" and has the word "New" in it.

Toes and Gibbsy wanted to use "New Change" but folks in the testing pools thought that was just too dramatic a title, and that people arent' ready for new change after just 100 days, because we've changed so much so fast.

Besides, given the success Big Guy has had in fixing the home mortgage situation, any title that aludes to a national visions using home-construction terms has got to be a winner, right?


  1. The New Foundation has my support. Michelle could use a new pair of Spanks. I wonder if they make them in XXXXXXL?

  2. I hope this evening's comments are better than his Tea Party Comments this morning. I found them to be sometimes arrogant. Dismissive. Even derisive.

    I think he called us bitter clingers again.

  3. A New Foundation. Gosh it's catchy, skip the details, I'm sold. It's almost as good as From each according to his ability, to each according to his need.

  4. Oh, I bet Michelle gets plenty of Spanx ...

  5. New Foundation, divorced from any allusion to the word "founders" (in substance and behavior), creates a new brand for the next few weeks, or the next news cycle (whichever happens first).
    So What! The remains of what used to be called journalists salivates when they are given a "new" subject. Just wait, by next Tuesday, they will have spent themselves, just waiting again for a new nomme de guerre to carry them forward. Pitiful!
    TOTUS, please set the agenda. Big Guy needs you to lead (without stepping on Toes).

  6. TOTUS:
    That's it. I'm buying a pig and commiting suicide.

  7. Don't do it Bettyann! Step away from the pig!

    Follow TOTUS on twitter through this agonizing hour. That's what I'm gonna do.

    Report back so we know you made it through. Good luck!

  8. Imageremix, you forgot to add "...and wash your hands several times throughout the day."

  9. He's so truth-challenged, it. is. sad.....

    "I don't want to run a car company!" Yeah, right....

  10. Will this "New Foundation" have corset stays in it?

    The old spring steel ones made a lot of toys and stuff the last time a Democratic Prez condemned us to a Depression.

  11. TOTUS, thank you for your service.

    Someone has to look at the video in evidence that the sociopath took of himself chopping his victims to bits with an axe. So GLAD it doesn't have to be me.

    Could NOT watch, much less listen to, that repulsive, lying, Con Man in Chief. Thanks for doing the dirty work.

  12. Ha, ha, Mr. Sheldon.

    Say.... corset stays were sometimes used as weapons... . I feel so much better! We won't have top class fighter jets. We won't have a missile defense shield. But, we WILL have ---- corset stays.

  13. Is the torture over? The only part of it I saw was the abortion question and I was thinking the same thing TOTUS was....

    "He's consistent: abortion is a moral decision. So is torture. See" #BOTeleprompter

    After that came that long, drooly question big guy had to write down to remember... seemed like an intimate moment we shouldn't be witnessing...gave me the creeps so I had to change the channel.

    Danielle...good thing you were here to remind Bettyann about the handwashing...right Bettyann...Bettyann?...uh oh!

  14. Loved it Dewey!
    "I hope this evening's comments are better than his Tea Party Comments this morning. I found them to be sometimes arrogant. Dismissive. Even derisive.

    I think he called us bitter clingers again."

    And no - they weren't any better.

  15. I've just realized what the "New Foundation" is for: it's where Toes will put those who get in the way. That is, if putting dead fish in newspapers stops sending the message...

    Poor Bettyann. I guess we were too late Imageremix!

  16. Either that or she turned the pig loose, turned on the big showl and just plain fell asleep...

    There's still hope, Danielle. (fingers crossed)

  17. foundation - isn't that the stuff ladies put on their face to hide the zits and pimples and nasty stuff under the surface????????

  18. Say... Jonathan, that's right....

    So, what color do you think B.O. will go with?

    Something that looks good on T.V., no doubt.

  19. Boy, I've been shopping for a church for so long. Glad I found it. I hope they don't ask for a tithe...

  20. TOTUS needs to watch its spelling.

    Example above: arent'

    It makes the site look "unprofessional."

    Next, we'll be seeing "loose" for "lose," as in "loose an election."

    However, "aks" for "ask" is not necessarily a misspelling.

  21. Kids:
    Too late. Pig installed, he's kinda cute so I named him Mr. Schnitzel. How long does this take, anyway?

  22. "...So what color do you think B.O. will go with? Something that looks good on T.V., no doubt."

    Hmmm...probably pale green (as in nauseous) would be appropriate, after seeing the faces of those who watched the Wednesday Night Show. The smart ones either turned it off or muted it.

    It is much easier to understand now, why they have their parties on Wednesday night, also. It must take a LOT of that expensive wine and $100 a pound Kobe beef to lift the spirits, after such a dismal performance.

    Wonder if BG has a Royal Wine Taster?

  23. BO gave another speech? Darn! I missed it.

  24. Roda:
    Cover your mouth when you cough, sneeze into your elbow, and wash your hands. Or was that sneeze into your mouth, wash your elbows and cover your hands? Anyway, just remember all that and you will go to heaven.

  25. [Free USA said] "Wonder if BG has a Royal Wine Taster?" Ha.

    From the looks of things, Larry Summers volunteered for Imbibing Duty last month.

    BETTY ANN! So glad you're okay. You had us worried. Glad to see you survived with your wry sense of humor intact. Hope little [Wiener]Schnitzel is doing well. Wee, wee, weeee. Heh, heh.
    :( :( PESKY PEDANT ALERT! ): ):

    What's with OKsol? Typos are FUN1! So are buhlatnt ayrors and mizspelings.

    Blogging is a HOBBY...........

    Let's leave the nitpicking to the professionals -- over at the Environazi Propaganda Agency.

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