Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Flight Plan

Last night, Big Guy and I met with Toes and Gibbsy and we all agreed that yesterday didn't happen. Judging by the media coverage, we were right. I just chalked it all up to the press corps doing what they've beend doing for us all along, but Toes had to admit that he had to call in some favors.
He was pretty proud of what he pulled off. Sending Air Force One to buzz the 9/11 site in New York was probably the best diversionary tactic he could have come up with at the last minute. Frankly, creating a national terrorism panic wouldn't have been might first choice for a diversionary tactic, but I'm not as politically savvy as Rahm is.


  1. TOTUS:

    Forget the flight plan diversion...you have a much bigger problem. The feces just struck the rotating blade device. Drudge is reporting that Phil Berg has filed a Writ of Certiorari with SCOTUS challenging your constitutional eligibility to serve as TOTUS and is demanding that you immediately release your original UL Certification. What are you hiding dammit?

    This controversy is sure to go viral. It's only a matter of time before those whackjob Tea Party people start carrying signs demanding that Eric bring a Quo Warranto against you?

    Look, I know you've got a lot on your screen right now, but you've got an agenda to scroll forward and this distraction is not helpful. You cannot continue to stonewall. This Berg character is pretty serious. You should see what he's doing to some poor bastard named Soetoro.

  2. A lot on your screen or not.....I want to know what the pilots of those planes thought of their job assignments yesterday.

  3. Totus - I knew about the fiasco because I watch the only real newscasters out there anymore, Fox News! Lucky for you guys the American public has not wised up yet...

  4. Nice one! And it's a two-fer: diversion from your burp, and - since the
    file photo needed to be updated,
    you can blame it on the Bush administration. Rhambo is brilliant!

  5. Guess the Administration was trying to give an example of what a 'Man-Caused Disaster' looks like!

  6. For every action, theres a reaction. For President Obama, every time he's exposed, there's breaking newss for a coverup. This gets scarrier by the minute!

  7. TOTUS,how could you let HIM say 100 days for the FBI instead of 100 years. Maybe He needs glasses?
    Tell him heads should roll over the FLY OVER in NY.

  8. New Orleans local NBC and CBS affiliates both actually ran video of the terri-fly-by (I didn't catch ABC) last night. Better warn BO that there might be inroads being forged into the MSM out in the hinterlands.

  9. Did you take lunchbucket Joe's keys to Scair Force One away after that joyride?

  10. TOTUS, you know well that we have to watch what BO's other hand is hiding. Note the distractions from our economic disaster: swine flu, terri-fly-by, and now RINO Spector's "Yeah-we're-so-shocked" switch.

    WATCH: tomorrow, ALL the distractions will end, as we devote our energy to adoring BO for his AMAZING First 100 Days.


  11. Oh, and the pilots in the terri-fly-by are less interesting than WHO ELSE was on that flight?

    Get THIS: it was a PERK for cronies! "Let's watch NYC have a collective heart attack! What FUN!"

  12. I can't believe how STUPID you would have to be to allow this to happen. Not you TOTUS, but Big Guy. Stupid is the only word I can think of.

    Can you imagine being among the probably thousands of people who were fleeing for their lives? What an idiotic thing to do. Good Lord.

  13. Totus, any truth to the rumor that Fidel, Raul, and Hugo were on that flight as a quid pro quo for recent contributions. I also heard Janet was peering down from the cockpit, looking for disaffected vets comming back from the front!

  14. I think you mean it was a national contingency operation panic, don't you??

  15. The brilliance of the folks on this blog rival even YOUR brilliance, Mr. T! Scare Force One, terri-fly-by, Orbit's comments - good stuff. Especially Mountain Mama's comment on watching out for BO's other hand. I think we've all got Big Guy's number in his first 100 days, and even your scrolling can't "Change" that.

  16. Totus

    It's not like you to misplace words, but in that last sentence you did just that. I think you meant: "wouldn't have been MY first choice . . ."

    Have you been drinking with BO again?

  17. I think we now know ONE of the thugs who was on the plane -- D'oh!. For clearly, TOTUS was there. He was so scared he froze up and Empty Suit couldn't say anything for 3 hours, not even, "Hey, Saud, there's the Empire State building. Cool, huh?"

    TOTUS may have a permanent stutter after a horrifyingly creepy event like that.


    Gotta say this SOMEWHERE.... B. Hussein just gave the United States of America the biggest BLANK-YOU! of any world "leader," much less the supposed president of the U.S., EVER.

    I am so angry I can hardly type. Barack Hussein Obama, the Marxist Muslim from Kenya, is not merely stupid... he is EVIL.

  18. Empty Suit is cunning, though, isn't he? One of the strategems of the Weathermen (Bill Ayers' little club of socialist anarchists -- you, know, the same Ayers in whose home Barry launched his senate campaign?) was to bomb America into a police state. They would be the "police."

    That is, by terrifying acts of vicious violence and intimidation, create a CRISIS -- then seize control.

    B.O. is deliberately provoking the decent "folks," you know, those of us who cling to our guns and religion. He hopes to draw out those of us who are more fragile, who lack self-control, whose fervent love for America will cause them to "push back."

    Then, B. Hussein will have a plausible excuse to step up his control.

    Regardless of whether the above dire scenario is true, he was CLEARLY using fear [again -- "The economy is headed for a DEPRESSION."] to intimidate Americans into submitting to him. Yeah, he's a Cult Leader on a grand scale, that One is.

    Just a common thug.

  19. David,

    ..."For every action, there's a reaction. For president Obama, every time he's exposed, there's breaking news for a coverup. This gets scarier by the minute".

    The thing that really scares me is, that after seeing the magazine cover with the top part of his body exposed, that his handlers are holding in reserve the picture of the lower half of his body, to be used in case of an extreme emergency. I dread the thought of this happening, especially if the picture was taken while he was bowing!?!

    Can you imagine the shock, the unbelievable horror, as the whole world realized that we were all being mooned by the Reader of the World?

    I can picture the headlines now - WHAT AN ASS

  20. Nice one, Free USA. Bah, ha, haaaaarrr!

    Ingenious insight. Extortion by exposure. The top half photo wasn't just done to sicken us (ugh!), it was a threat...

    Sort of like the golf joke about the handicap of two "Gotcha!"'s.*

    *[Skillful golfer grants rookie's request for a handicap of "2 gotchas." In the midst of Skillful's first backswing of the round, Rookie yells behind him, "Gotcha!" Then adds, one more 'gotcha to go.'" Smiles. Rookie won.]

  21. Well...New York voted for it and now they have it!

    John's Space


    Re: Query about how the pilot/co liked their job assignments yesterday:

    Muhammed Hassan and Ali Hussein were nearly in paradise they were so pleased.

    Meanwhile, back in the White House kitchen.... Capt. Joseph Olsen and Capt. Kathy Smith stood up and stretched their sore backs. "This is a bunch of crap, Joe," said Kathy. "I'll bet the [sarcasm button ON] Commander (eye roll) in Chief [sarcasm button OFF] spilled all these coffee beans all over place on purpose."

    "Oh, I don't know," replied Joe. "But, why he wants us to count them as we put them back into the bags is beyond me. This is going to take all day.... ."

  23. Let's just hope that wasn't Dope and his Muslim brothers doing a little re-con.

  24. What the hell is going on here?

    From Bush to the Bush League!

    We need a new party to affiliate with.

    I have been independent for 20 years now, but still have no voice.

    We need a new leader, a new party!

    We need it now!

    Call it the Real American Party (RAP)

    I can get down with this style of RAP any day!

  25. possible slogan:

    "Get Real!"

    Sure wish there were a party for me, too. I vote Republican, but have never joined.