Tuesday, April 7, 2009

A Good Idea

Given some of the rough treatment Big Guy has received over the past few days from the U.S. media, I'm surprised that Toes and Gibbsy still want to bailout out the news industry. I guess it still makes sense, since it will mean that we can keep in place all of our friends. But if it doesn't work out, this idea that Silvio had for the Italian media seems like a good alternative. 

We kind of do this already, but just for Fox News.  And the results speak for themselves.


  1. Well all the papers that refused to print the picture of Big Guy bowing in subservience to a medieval nutter of an Arab King, the guy who funds terrorist attacks on America, want some payback for covering his six . . . . they want some bailout money too.

  2. Did the Brits call you Autocue?

  3. Hey here's another idea.

    Tax Day Tea Party's take a look at the Map. Impressive.


  4. By the way TOTUS - Were your parts manufactured in the good ole U, S of A? You were assembled in this country, right? Just wondering. BO's origin is still open to some question I understand. That dad-ratted pesky constitution of ours. Some people sure get worked up about that ancient stack of papers.

  5. TOTUS, I just heard a clip of the Big Guy talking without you. He really needs you a lot!

    John's Space

  6. Oh Totus, Big O doesn't really need the press to cover him favorably. He makes sure to do that himself in every speech. He always finds a way to point to himself no matter what the topic is supposed to be.

    It doesn't even matter if his speeches are covered favorably. As long as he knows his "me, myself and I" mantra is heard and played ad nauseum, then he has all the coverage he needs.

  7. AP just got back on the right track. They got shaky for awhile, but you just can't keep good men and women down. Big O went to the Iraqi concert and was greeted by loud cheering from the troops EVERYWHERE he went (albeit only to specified locations controlled by Toes). And by the power of his persuasive speech, the Iraqis will take over and make it a democratic nation (for Iran to control as a puppet state). How did we manage the war without Big Guy?

  8. All those "troops" in Iraq are on the payroll -- checks signed by George Soros. They're the same lot that follows D'oh! everywhere. Sure, the Cult of Obama has a core group that is permanently fooled, but those on the fringes of the big tent need a little "encouragement." Hence, the "S.S." [Soetoro's Smokescreen] as they are affectionately known in "Da Family." They can do it all: nod vigorously; clap on cue; hold up cue cards; faint; pose as opposition calling out such things as, "Hey, 'Magic Negro,' why was your mother's name Stanley?;" and ask great questions like, "Are you glad that you're president?"

    Somewhere, locked in a big mobile housing unit, were 50 VERY ANGRY soldiers, sitting there in their skivvies, waiting to get their uniforms back.

    Yeah, only 50. If any of the propaganda pipes (who cares about the more honest foreign news people-- only non-Cult members will pay any attention to them back in the U.S.) violated the "tight focus" rule, they would find their company taken over by TATUS and mashed like taters.