Thursday, April 9, 2009

Uh, Oh, Joe's On the Guest List

Part of the reason that my new ward, Bill, got in so much trouble for his press office faux pas, was because we were trying to hide tonight's Sedar Dinner from Joe Biden. Last night a group of us had volunteered to do a "Sedar" in the commissary with Joey B., so that he would think that was the official dinner.

It was the usual cluster you-know-what. Joey showed up ready to go. He was humming tunes from "Fiddler on the Roof" and wearing a Moses costume he said was in every detail accurate to the outfit Charleston Heston wore in "The Ten Commandments." Then he complained about not being served "Sedar-planked salmon." And those are the high points.

Rahm thought we'd all earned a gold star for our efforts, because Joe would have gotten on his train back to Delaware this afternoon (he usually catches the 2 pm Acela, first class, natch), and not shown up at tonight's official dinner behaving the way we knew he would. But Bill's email mistake now means that Joe will be there, and only Yahweh knows how it will turn out. Oy vey.


  1. That is sooooo funny! But wait - was it you, TOTUS, or Bill that posted that? How will we know the difference? Or does Bill only do speeches for Big Guy? And do you need to add Bill to the cast of characters?

  2. TOTUS,
    My girl friend talks in her sleep...
    She thinks you're hot.

  3. "Charleston" Heston?

    Good thing Joe B. didn't try to ask the Four Questions or look for the afikoman!

  4. The "Orginalist" post, from “A little to close to home”

    If it ruffled the poor birds feathers?

    It was intended to do so.

    I find this funny how I am good friends with a lot of Blacks, Mexicans, Asians, Muslims, and Jews.

    We all love each other, and insist on making fun of each other at certain times, it keeps us on are "toes". This world has become way too insecure, and sadly, the Democrats have been bread and taught to descrimate against other races, creeds and peoples spiritual beliefs. Myself and my buddies, don’t have that problem with each other. We do however, have a hard time relating to the endless chatter of discrimination that is aimed at us from this current administration. The last administration never used the kind of propaganda towards us.

    No one I know of HERE harbors any kind of hate, towards any race of one people, or their spiritual beliefs. We never have and never will. We all respect each others heritage and make fun of each other, just to see who’s got the thickest skin in town.

    Why do Americans have a problem with Obama and his policies?

    Because he has not been honest and truthful with the America people?

    That really bothers us!

    Americans dislike towards Obama is not about race or religion.

    It’s about his deception and the lies.

    If he is a Muslim, then why hide it from America. This country loves to embrace all races and creeds.

    Why is Obama trying to destroy the American people's way of life, socialize us, globalize us, destroy wealth and attack the private citizen?

    How is that Presidential?

    This crisis was “man made”, created by his buddies and pals.

    The American People are not idiots.

    And finally, Radical Islam killed 3000 Americans seven and half years ago. Nineteen of the terrorists came from Saudi.

    My comment does hold MERIT and I have the freedom and liberty to express my commentary without having my head cut off.

    That is the greatness that America holds.

    Intimidation is not going work in America.
    National Security might. But not intimidation and attacking the private citizen.

    I wish Obama nothing but the best and I hope that he decides to embrace America for it’s greatness, and protect it, not "slam it" behind its back. I hope his policies fail and America succeeds and becoming a stronger sovereign country because of his administration.

  5. Modern day parallels:

    Moses = TOTUS
    Pharaoh = POTUS
    The Isrealites = US
    Totus to Potus: "Let my people go!"
    Potus: "Ha! I won. I win... Infinity."

    Totus leads us as we wander through the wilderness for what seems like 40 years already as Big O pursues control of our piggy banks and our freedom.

    Totus will also play the part of "manna from heaven". Thanks little guy. Yahweh knew we needed you.

    (Are we there yet?)

  6. Tele - I haven't been able to visit in a while, but today I'm doing some catching up on your adventures and I'm noticing a couple of typos. I know you just got back from Europe, and you weren't responsible for the Bow (or the email, or Joe's fable, or the beer stains) but you need to keep on your toes - not keep on Toes, but keep on your toes - BG is counting on you! Let's just say he's lost without you - literally!

    BTW - what gives with ASU? BG's fan base at Huff n' Puff are screaming racism, but I thought the Rev. Wright issues were done??

    Anyway - God's (or Allah's, depending on if the king is around) speed to you...

  7. So, TOTUS, you're circumsized? Hmmmm. You are already so thin.......

  8. I think "Sedar" was in quotes for a reason. TOTUS, a.k.a., Moses, has a subtle sense of humor. Ha.

    "Sedar" is likely how Rahm spelled "seder" (realizing what a good P.R. move it would be, you know, to "take full advantage of every crisis," the crisis here being D'oh!'s batting 1000 in the gaffe department this past week) so that he could get it past B. Hussein who sat for 20 years in the pews of a church that loudly castigates Jews.

    Rahmmmmm: "Hey, Do-, er, I mean Barry, how about us hosting a seh-dahr at the White House?"

    D'oh!: "Uuuuuh.... is that like where you, uh, talk like, ... ummmm, oh, hang it! You know, what Nancy Reagan did in the White House? Talk to dead people?"

    Rahmmmm: "Yeah..... yeah. That's right. You might even get to talk to Mohammed. Or Mussolini!"

    D'oh!: "Cool. Put it on the schedule. Oh, and Rahmmm?"

    Rahmmmmm: "Yeah?"

    D'oh!: "Let's make it "no press" so I can smoke. And don't invite "Gravitas" (heh, heh); he always wants to sing and wear a stupid costume. Just don't tell him about it."

    Rahmmm: "Sure thing. You're the Boss." [aside: "Not!"]

  9. What all this about Joey B telling W that he wasn't a leader or something of that sort.

    John's Space

  10. It's very possible that Joe B. is the dumbest VP.....ever! God forbid if he has to step in............

  11. This comment has been removed by the author.

  12. U aways thought Pelosi and Reid were BO's insurance policies; but I guess Joey B is a good back-up.

  13. TOTUS, hon, please edit your post.

    It's Seder, not Sedar.


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