Saturday, April 18, 2009

Small World

Actually, the summit down here in Trinidad and Tobago is going swimingly. And not just because Gibbsy is getting in a lot of time down by the pool.

No, the actual meeting has gone amazingly well. I mean, everybody saw the picture from Friday, where Big Guy's rehearsed handshake and semi-hug went off without a hitch.  But I don't think you've all seen what happened next.

Guys, we've got a bromance brewing, and it's with the greatest threat to regional stability.  That's what I call a diplomatic breakthrough. And no, they didn't fist bump; that would send the wrong message.


  1. TOTUS,
    We are starting to see the exploitation and manipulation of Obama... sad.

  2. I'm surprised there was no fist-bump. These two are, after all, commited Socialists!

  3. It looks like the beginning of a true friendship.

    John's Space

  4. Please tell us there were no snaps of Gibbs in a Speedo. That, my TOTUS, would be a security breach...

  5. Any comments on the delay in rescue for the Somali Pirates

  6. Joe better watch out for this guy. I see the possibility a change in running mates for 2012.

    Right now I can't think of a more dynamic ticket. (But Chavez would have to lose those multi-pocketed shirts he likes to wear. Red is not Obama's color.)

  7. It is a small world for sure , although most would hate to have to paint it .
    Copping those arm touches along w the soul shake ,they just seem familiar though .
    Did he use them w the Queen last week ,or was he just checking out that Ofay tricep like a man would judge another's handshake ?
    Either way Venezuealen translations should be real slow from you to discourage this budding "bromance".Armed or not that luminous
    electromagnetism that you radiate should easily outshine those like Chavez competing for the big guy's attention .
    If not ,you could just go on strike during the next State of the Union speech .
    You wouldn't of course .
    You're too much of a stand up guy .
    The service provided by your servers is admirable TP .
    We need more people like you in government .

  8. Isn't that an obscene sex gesture???

    BO is a Girly-Boy!

  9. Back to the whole pet name for Chavez thing -
    I think we should call him "Huggy Bear." Here's two reasons:

    1.) It's a play on his name Hugo/Huggy.

    2.) Because right now he's smoothest Socialist pimp in Latin America.

  10. TOTUS-
    Watch out around the pool, the crowd you're hangin' with would think it funny to push you in with your plug in a socket.
    I could imagine Gibby and Toes high fiving while you do the electric dance in the deep end.

    We don't need Barry/POTUS/Big Guy struggling to look world-leaderish with out you telling him what to do and say-

  11. SMALL WORLD.... We keep getting these subtle references to Disneyland/World. First the pirates and now this. I wonder if they played the Small World theme song during the shake and greet of the creeps. TOTUS, I don't know how you handle the stress of all this foreign travel, but hang in there buddy. We need you.

  12. Hey TOTUS:
    My Tee came today, glad to bear your standard. Thanks for keeping us posted on the "inter" workings. You know those latinos liked his swagger as he walked down the red carpet. I would have lost my lunch if it were not for reminders of your front line bravery.

  13. Oh, come on, who are we kidding. These two haven't met before? Right! They've probably been practicing that secret handshake for years, while donating to each other's campaigns, and such. Did Castro make it?

  14. Isn't that special? It reminds me of the scene in "Anne of Green Gables" where Ann and Diana declare they are kindred spirits. . .

  15. Hey TOTUS, am taking your tee to Mexico next week, love it. You know the folks who comment to your articles here are a "class act", this is where I come for my daily giggle. Thanks ALL! Especially you TOTUS, you have a spine of steel.

  16. Totus - Are you gonna shave the Latin mustache you grew on this trip or keep it? Might want to keep it so when you tell BO to call American service men possible terrorists and to call Muslim extremists enemy combatants, people won't recognize the words came from you.

  17. TOTUS,
    I hope you told POTUS to drink the tap water down there.

  18. They look like they have a crush on each other. Like they've already kissed when no one saw them. Like they can't keep their hands off each other in public. Ick.

  19. TOTUS: Seriously, can't the administration used some TARP funds (or maybe some of the charity I won't be allowed to donate) to hire a gift-prompter?

    El Gigante gives BO a thoughtful, insightful book that complements the Big Guy's apology tour by adding the victim's perspective of US opression - and all poor BO had to offer was one of his own autobiographies written before he ascended?

    Anybody can buy one of those - just try Barnes & Noble or Borders; they are crowding out the empty space that used to hold Levin's book...

  20. President Obama looked and behaved like the little kid who got to eat at the grown-up table. What to go, Big Guy!

  21. No WAY would Obama dare fist-bump Huggy Bear in public! Lady M would be JEALOUS!

    (Such a jealous couple, always wishing they had more brains, more money, more power, always wanting more. SO like Bill and Hill....)

    TOTUS, could you please garble the text when POTUS is quoting scripture with that SMUG look of self-adoration on his face?


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