Wednesday, April 22, 2009

We're Going to Meet Big Fans

We'll we're heading off to Iowa this morning. This will be fun; Iowa, as you know is where Big Guy and I started our quest for world domination. Well, actually, Illinois, but you know what I'm talking about.

We'll be in Newton, Iowa, and touring a plant that builds towers that can be used for wind power turbines. Then Big Guy and I will make a speech. I just hope that the power of the rehetoric doesn't spin those turbines so much that the crowd can't hear what Big is saying.


  1. Windmills are so green. You only need a conventional power plant as big as the windmills generating capacity to back them up for wind the err, uhh, ahh wind doesn't blow.

    What's the point again?

    Well I am sure the propaganda value of going green will be apparent soon.

  2. We stand on the precipice of a glorious new age for America, an age where all our power needs can be met simply by building windmills to surround the capital and white house. To paraphrase:

    Ask not what your country can do for it's blowhards, but rather what your blowhards can do for your country!

  3. TOTUS, maybe you could have Big Guy speak (gently, of course) to the corn fields while you're out there. I'm sure they'd be all ears (sorry) and perhaps an inspirational speech could boost corn/ethanol production.

  4. The Apology Tour is on its way to Iowa. Can't wait. Surely he'll find something wrong about Iowans.

  5. Maybe this will turn into "Children of the Corn Movie III" We can only hope.

  6. big guy's snuffed out "two" people now totus! the head of gm and the head jof freddie mac. (rest his soul!) watch your step out there in the heartland, you make him miss speak and you may be next!

  7. Those windmills chop up birds - PETA might have a problem with it. Can't please everyone.

  8. Totus, I heard the Marlboro Man has been traveling with the Big Guy on his appology tour. Iowa windmills should help blow some clean air your way. It should be refreshing to get a break from having smoke blown up your lower stand! Just don't let them drizzle koolaide on your screen, and call it rain!

  9. The One wants to know what are American's thinking of him?

    Imus and Charles Tag Team Mike Lupica this morning FUN.

    Imus has a problem with President Obama's recent international tour, where he points out our flaws, on his Dixie Chicks tour but none of our accomplishments. Imus sites Michael Goodwins's article in the New York Daily News. You can read "If President Obama Won't Defend The U.S. Who Will".

    Mike Lupica doesn't think Obama has to put his criticisms into context on his first grand apology tour.

  10. This is the 21 century. You'd think we'd be developing control fusion not windmills. But then there would be more union jobs with the windmills!

    John's Space

  11. Does Big Guy do anything more but travel, make speeches and flip-flop?

  12. Well, its been windy out here for a few days, one more won't hurt. I can hardly wait till we get to sue anybody on the basis of global warming. Jackpot! Thanks, Sugar Daddy Barack.

  13. Did You See This TOTUS?

  14. My office is across the street from the railroad passed by yesterday with some of the turbines on them...boy , thos things are LLLOOOOOOONGGGGGGGG! Kind of neat..pity they are so environmentally and animal destructive.

  15. TOTUS-
    I know it's too late but is there any chance you could slip in the following:

    I like to think of my administration and (pause)
    myself, as a (slight hesitation) kinda like a windmill
    (look down and try to look pious/humble)
    because (look up and stare straight ahead)
    If you stand behind us-
    we suck
    stand in front of us-
    we blow
    and stand beside us (pause with a serious look)-
    we do nothing

    Think Toes would go for it?

  16. The Apology Tour is on its way to Iowa. Can't wait. Surely he'll find something wrong about Iowans.Did he apologize for not speaking Canadian to them?

  17. Whenever I see a line of windmills, I think of Don Quixote--and the illustrious Governor of the Great State of Michigan, Jenny-poo.

    We were hoping that BO would take Granholm off of our hands when he asked for her opinion on the economy. Bwahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! Sorry--that still makes me laugh.

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  19. Orbit..That was so funny! You made me spew coke out of my nose! I forgot you can't drink and read this blog at the same time. LOL!!!

  20. HeatherRadish - loved the Canadian joke, eh?
    BO's probably waiting to use it when he comes to Detroit. What? Of course he's coming. He bought this town.

  21. Iowa is a very windy state, today was especially windy, good thing I knew the cause and that it was only temporary!

  22. "OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH-KLA-BAMA he's a wind -- come drivin' down the plain... ."

    "They call the wind "Messiah." "Messiah," .... "Messiah,"..... they call that jerk "Messiah."

  23. No offense, Ms. S. Q., but hot air balloons are neat, too. They are, however no way to get our piggy to market.


    Sailinez, I can understand why you are laughing. BUT THE REST OF US ARE NOT. Waaaa!

    Say, you're on to something with that Don Quixote idea... . The slogan of all us truth seekers [as opposed to fantasy science believers] could be:

    DON QUIXOTE WAS RIGHT. That is, he knew those windmills are evil monsters that, if allowed to prolif... aaaaack! I HATE using that word ever since that royal donkey, John Kerry, kept sprinkling it around like ketchup on a burnt hamburger trying to disguise the fact that he is dumb as a post.

    "... monsters that, if allowed to..." spread, will destroy the U.S. economy as it becomes a wind-driven, therefore sporadic at best, marketplace. We'll be free ... "as the wind blows."

    Man, I just got so sad. Guess I'll have to make you guys sad, too. I just realized that my epitaph could accurately read:

    [my Green Slave job will likely be inside the base of one of those windmills on the Bicycle Pedalling Crew (a.k.a. Windmill Back-up Power) -- 2 decent jobs lost for every "green" job foisted upon us.]

    Man, I'm going to have to go and have a big bowl of Rocky Road, now. Aaaaaaaa! Did I say, "ROCKY road?" Noooo! I will have smooth [sailing] Triple Chocolate instead.

  24. Whoa. I just looked at that photo of the two windmills in the sunset. THEY LOOK LIKE BENT CROSSES (as in crucifixion) -- T. Boone Pickens and Pelosi & Co. plan to crucify the U. S. economy on their twisted crosses just to satisfy their own greed.

    And it's happening "...right here in River City... Trouble!....$$$$ Pickens. -- That starts with "P" which rhymes with "D" which stands for ............ DOPE! Trouble."

    Hmmm. Very interesting.... Trouble starts with "T" which rhymes with: "P" and "B" and "D" and "E" and "G".... [Pelosi, Barry or Dope, Emmanuel, Gore, Timmah...]

    (NOT YOU, "T" as in TOTUS -- you are not a part of that horrid bunch of conniving toads -- you're our man on the inside. Hang in there!]

  25. John, you are so right. Even perfecting FISsion would be helpful. Since 1979, we've turned up our little Envirowacko noses at nuclear power. Instead, we dispose of the waste from France. Why would B.O. want to change THAT?