Monday, April 20, 2009


When we heard in the Oval that a guy wearing a clown wig was escorted out of Ahmadinejad's speech at the UN racism conference, after yelling at the Iranian thug and throwing a clown nose at him, we got nervous. But then we saw the picture and realized the guy was too young to be our next U.S. Ambassador to Israel. By the way, we checked and throwing a clown nose is not an Obama Administration-approved interrogation technique. Yet.


  1. Today all of the people who applied for a White House internships will be notified if they were accepted. This is bigger then clown noses Totus. This will determine if in my future I will be running down the same halls as BO and Bo! Wish me luck... over 7,000 people applied only a lucky 100 will win!!

  2. That is a fortunate break would be a real problem if that guy was our ambassador.

    John's Space

  3. What happened to throwing shoes?

  4. Maybe he could be our backup choice to run the treasury department. . .

  5. TOTUS,
    What book do think Ahmadinejad would bestow upon POTUS?

  6. Uh, the Koran? The Qoran? Leather bound?

  7. Big Guy should borrow that wig. He has played the role of "clown" around the world. Why not dress the part?

  8. I'm pretty sure Barney Frank has dibs on the clown wig.

    Or was it Pelosi?

  9. Joe Biden called... he wants his wig back!

  10. Could it be Toes? His father is Israeli/American and fought in its first war. On the other hand, I read that Toes is selling Israel down the drain.

  11. I thought it was President Obama in drag, come to shake the crazy nutjob Iranian president's hand. Why not? Big O has extended the hand of friendship to all the other dictators.

  12. I, too thought it looked like BHO. The wig was a nice toch, kind of incogneto, but not really. Maybe he can wear the wig to the next summit - there IS a summit comming up soon, right?

  13. That's the new uniform up on Capitol Hill, haven't you heard?

  14. BO wouldn't need a wig - he could just dye his own nappy hair

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