Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Meeting Medvedev

Well, today was busy. Big Guy is still dining, I think, and Michelle is still showing off her biceps, but I wanted to fill you in on the big meeting of the day.

The meeting with Medvedev went exceedingly well. Big Guy was able to handle the Russian I was scrolling without much difficulty. But it all felt kind of weird in the meeting. It turned out that Medvedev was a living, breathing Potemkin village. He'd shown all of the materials and pre-cleared everything with Vladimir Putin, so there wasn't that much to talk about. Secretary of State Dick Holbrooke and his assistant Hillary joked that after meeting Medvedev, we knew what it was like for other leaders to meet Joe Biden.

I'm really looking forward to seeing Moscow in July, which is really just a way of saying I'm glad we're not seeing Moscow in January.


  1. TOTUS, when will the world leaders be naming POTUS as King of the World? I hear it's good to be the king.

  2. On the serious side, when are we going to give up on the obsolete idea of nuclear parity with the Russians? That made some sense when the Russians were a real competitor and had achieved rough equality in hard competiton. But, we are talking about a country will only half our population and a fraction of our economy. It's time to give up on the parity concept.

    John's Space

  3. "Oh, I just cay-hayn't wait! to be King!" B. Hussein O. Good one, BUC. In his own mind, B.O. IS king, been one for years.

    Yeah, JS, just when we thought we'd get a reprieve, like, maybe just a day or two, from the non-stop attack of B. Hussein & Da Family on our country, he drops another bomb. Telling the Soviets in English, "We'll get rid of our nuclear weapons if you'll get rid of yours," translates to: "We'll get rid of our nuclear weapons, but you can increase yours ten-fold." B. Hussein's latest diabolically deft tactic designed to destroy the United States. This is 1976 (Jimmy Carter) all over again. Let's just hope (and pray!) that God replaces B.O. with the "new Reagan", Sarah Palin.

  4. Speaking of Russian, at the end of D'oh!'s photo op with Medvedev today, someone said, "Spatziva! (sp?)" ... Blank look, then, flatly, "Spatsvuh," repeated B.O., adding, "I'm still working on my Russian."

    You still need to work on your ENGLISH, you big dope. "An,.... uuuuuuhhhhhhh, breathalyer.... er, no, uh,hhmmmmmmmmm, inhalator....."[vaporizer?..mmmm....incubator?....uuuuh....escalator.... ?].

    It's "inhaler," Dope. And there are still only 50 U.S. states (unlike Islamicland which, indeed, has 57).