Friday, April 3, 2009

Problems Solved

Good news from across the pond, everyone. You may think this "listen and lead" thing is a bunch of emptiness, but every day Big Guy is showing us that it can work.

First, he tells the French that the United States is going to be a "partner not a patron" to Europe, which was a huge relief to the AFL-CIO and back home, because they're counting on Big Guy being a patron.

Then, in a private meeting, Big O got Sarkozy to agree to take one of the "Guantanamo 248." This is a huge step. We expect Germany will take one, too. And Secretary of State Dick Holbrooke and his assistant, Hillary, think they have cut a deal with the Syrians, who will take the rest with no strings attached. Just shows what a little honey can do.


  1. Shrill Hill is on the job. I bet her and the Big Guy back out of each other's offices.

  2. ".....and his assistant, Hillary..."

    Good one Totus!

  3. Oh TOTUS -- ouch! What happened here? Not good for BG. Be careful, I hear he's keeping track of people going against him

  4. When will "Secretary of State Dick Holbrooke and his assistant, Hillary" join the Cast of Characters???? They'll be one entity, of course.

  5. RE: "... what a little honey can do." (!) TOTUS!!! That was so embarrassing. You just used one of Rahm's pet names for the big Dope. You must have been set to "Record" one night at Rahm's when he was talking in his sleep... .

    SURELY, you were not referring to H. Rotten!

  6. Totus, if HRC were POTUS you'd be gathering dust in storage.

    Since you seem to want to put her down all the time, I may have visited your blog for the last time. Unless you'd like to scroll an apology and change your attitude. I had planned to support you in your store but if you don't stop talking trash to Hillary you're going to have to count on your right wing misogynistic pals. Ciao!

  7. Alphabeach, don't go. Just avert your fan-of-H. eyes when some of us slam her for her POLICIES and her personality and her strangely suspicious actions concerning the Chinese etc.... I hope B.O.'s policies FAIL -- that doesn't make me racist...

    .... are you SURE H.R. is a woman? She was named for Sir Edmund Hilary, you know (just a little joke).

    Hope to see you soon -- tell us something funny about, oh..., I don't know, how about Geraldo? -- is there anyone who doesn't think that guy is hilarious?

    Maxine Waters is always good for a laugh, too. And Bawny Fwank! And I'm sure no one will be offended if you slam Arlen Specter. Shoot, slam anyone you like! Have fun.

  8. When will "BOTUS" (Blackberry of the United States) join your cast of characters, after all, he is your offspring, TOTUS, Jr. He cannot function without you two as is obvious when BO tried to answer the question from the press.

  9. er, that didn't come out right. I meant to say, "Alphabeach,... come baaaaaaaack. Sigh."