Wednesday, April 15, 2009

A Simpler Tax Code for a Simpler People

Big Guy wants to create a simpler tax code for all of us. First, he gave 95% of us a tax cut that shows up every two weeks in our pay check. Then he wants to simplify the tax codes, by shutting down loopholes so rich people can't weazel out of paying their fair share.

Then to make government work for all of us, he's going to create three tax rates: Those Who Pay Nothing, Those Who Pay Some, and Those Who Pay Most Taxes. Those are the actual categories Tim Terrific came up with, so everyone will understand the new code.

Those who pay nothing, will get a 20% tax rebate on the $100,000 they didn't earn. Those who pay some, will pay a federal tax rate of 49.9 percent. Those paying most will pay a tax rate of 72.98%. That's an arbitrary number Big Guy came up with on his own, but don't tell anyone, because he doesn't want all the credit.

It's simpler tax code and it's ... well, it's just simpler.


  1. but are we going to get BUBBLES??? I want BUBBLES!!! Hey TOTUS, Honestly, Barry didn't know about the tea parties?? Come on, I think the big guy knows a little about tea bagging, right?

  2. Why not just TWO tax brackets:

    1. Those who pay nothing (member in ACORN or a Union required. Proof of voting in a democrat primary possible exception);

    2. Those who pay everything (that would be the rest of us). Just a simple to administer 100% tax. No need to receive a paycheck, just a stub which shows that you paid you entire salary to The One every other week to be Patriotic (in the words of Joey B).

    What could be simpler than this??

  3. Totus, me thinks you got the decimal points in the wrong spots.

  4. Prescott, I don't think so. It just wouldn't work to have 499 percent, and 729.8%.

    Would it?

  5. TOTUS - revision on the extra money some of us are getting in our paychecks. Less tax is being withheld )$13.00 a week( but unless the tax code is changed, when we file in 2010 we'll owe the same as we did this year. Some people who may expect a refund will have to cough up the cash in 2010.

  6. TOTUS,

    That is some scary stuff! I'm not sure if he is worse on economics or defense policy. One thing I can't get is why people don't seem to understand the Bush cut taxes more on the people in the lower 95% then Obama did.

    John's Space

  7. TOTUS - Can you insert these words somewhere into The One's next presentation on taxes, something like this: "I believe...that the present tax code needs to be revised so it's I will Congress..that they institute hearings on the Fair Tax (as proposed by Rep. John Linder)..and that they begin work to abolish the 16th Amendment ...As the candidate for change, I believe that it was unfair for Congress in 2006 and 2007, led by my own party the Democratics, to not have a single hearing on the Fair Tax. This won't do. Just as that scourge of bondage..slavery..was abolished with the 13th Amendment, thanks to the preliminary efforts of my hero Abraham Lincoln, I believe it is only fair to abolish the bondage of the present tax code and replace it with the Fair Tax. Anything else... would be unfair." Thanks TOTUS - you are great!

  8. Totus - simole is as simple does, pass it on to BO.....

  9. lexi2,
    this is the scam BO is hoping people don't see. if you and your spouse are getting the 13 dollars, you definitely will owe the government. you need to go to the IRS web site, they have a calculator and then you have to change your withholds at your job(s) or you will owe lots of money next year. This is madness TOTUS

  10. Thanks rustard... you are right -- I didn't make my post on the $13.00 "extra" a week very clear. It's not a lower tax - it is a tax holiday - and all holidays end sometime. This one will end April 15th, 2010 and end badly for the unsuspecting sheeple.

  11. Just when I was agreeing with you, Lexi2, on your first post---
    (because people are going to be shocked to see they owe taxes, since the extra money they're receiving back in paychecks is NOT from a tax CUT, but just giving them more money to spend NOW, but NOT changing what they'll owe for the year!),
    you go and ruin everything by supporting the NOT-"Fair" Tax!
    Oh, TOTUS! You must help people support the APT Tax: the Automated Payment Transaction Tax! Read more at .
    It ELIMINATES almost every other tax!---just not Social Security (although it could be factored to do so), and it's THE lowest tax of all (only 3 cents on both sides of every $10 transaction). Plus, it's "The TRULY-Fair Tax" (since there are NO deductions, just rebates for the very poor), and it's EASY: no forms to complete, since it's automatically taken at transactions, and thus no collection or enforcement costs!
    Write your questions to Dr. Hermann at the website above----and PLEASE, TOTUS, get these details before the American people, because the new technology really DOES make it possible to pay for ALL of needed social programs and pay off our debts!

  12. Three cents on every TEN dollars means that if you automatically deposit your paychecks into your checking account, and make $50,000/year----then your total tax would be ONLY $300/year!---plus Social Security.
    WE CAN DO IT! Don't let the politicians keep holding the tax code over our heads!

  13. (Sorry for multiple posts, TOTUS. $300/year = $150/year for all paycheck deposits, plus $150/year for spending all wages.)

  14. TOTUS,
    You make POTUS the Sophist He is and I thank you for the great night's sleep I'm about to get knowing that everyone everywhere will get everything they hope for whether they like it or not...

  15. Oh, TOTUS. Not to change the subject, but, habla espanol? Don't let them clean your screens with the agua. Please be careful.

  16. Weazel out? Shouldn't that be 'weasel' out? TOTUS, I know he's cute, but you've gotta stop Bo from lifting his leg on your stand. It's starting to affect your spellcheck. . . :-)

  17. I got my slide show up and photos for the Denton, Texas Tea Party we had a surprise, Jesus showed up. He was wearing authentic biblical garb.

  18. Thanks for the laughs! We laugh so we don't cry, right? I can't believe this is my America anymore. Please wake up my fellow Americans, speak up and stand strong!

  19. TOTUS, here's an even simpler tax code (sorry):

  20. TOTUS,
    While I generally can't stand Michael Savage, he coined a good term recently: Trickle-Up Poverty. And as soon as everybody's poor and can't afford anything, switching to socialism will look really attractive to people..

  21. Whoa. What is everyone complaining about?

    The official position of the IRS is that the income tax is "voluntary". Everyone computes their own tax liability and sends it in.

    Honor system. If the gov't just took out taxes from your paycheck automatically every two weeks via payroll deduction (hypothetically speaking), it would be "involuntary". And therefore unbearably oppressive.

    I hope this distinction is clear to everyone.

  22. and if we don't 'voluntarily' pay?

  23. Totus, all this talk about taxes and stimulus is confusing me. I thought Barry was going to give us ice cream. I'm waiting for mine. Two scoops of vanilla with chocolate sprinkles. That's what I want, Barry. Can't you make me happy too? Oh, and world peace and a sock hop with some of those misunderstood fellahs with the bomb belts strapped to their kids. But first ....the ice cream. I'm so giddy about finally being taken care of.

  24. [quoting B. Hussein O.] "Sorry, Brian. The ice cream's for me and Axelrod; you get the pork pie. And if you have the audacity to question me further, we'll make that a knuckle sandwich."


    Yo! D'oh!bama. K.I.S.S. -- Keep It Simple, STUPID.

  25. Obama definition of K.I.S.S. = Keep it Stupid, Simple.

  26. Uh....if he gets that legislation passed, all his Liberal friends will have to pay billions in taxes.

    Has Big Guy talked this over with Teddy? George Soros? John Kerry (Vietnam Veteran)?

  27. Mark, that is incredibly naive of you.

    Do you REALLY expect Democrats to have to play by the same rules everyone else does? Just ask Geithner about how that works.

  28. We the people don't care about all the details, just send us the bill! We understand that keeping the U.S. gov't in the style to which it's grown accustomed costs a LOT of money, and we wouldn't want to disappoint POTUS by squabbling over percentage points.

    But really, can you believe what Sarkozy said about Big Guy?

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