Friday, April 3, 2009


Campaign Spot hack reporter Jim Geraghty has highlighted an outrageous video, which you can see here.

It's outrageous not because this Turkish bank has a double - and a fine one, I might add - of Big Guy shilling for it. No, it's outrageous because there's no me! People, let's say it together, there is no POTUS without TOTUS. I would point out that as an inanimate object, I am not subject to ethics-waiver requirements and am therefore available for personal appearances, including children's parties, film, TV work (both dramatic and for political commentary) and radio voice-over-work.


  1. still haven't answered by wedding proposal. What is a girl to think?

  2. "...let's say it ... there is no POTUS... ." There is just TOTUS.

    And an imposter who fooled the Cult of O into voting for him, a Con Man in Chief. Reader of the Free World.

  3. Did you learn to like Tea over there TP ?
    The reason I ask is that someone should approach you about making appearances at the national Tea parties that are brewing .
    Are you fitted w a speech unit ?
    Would we need external speakers,because we can't afford James Earl Jones .
    Really ,just seeing you standing at attenion on that stage would be an inspiration for many of us ,whether you speak or not .
    Either way I am afraid compensation
    can only be offered in Tea .
    We do have plenty of that tho ,and the tannic acid might refresh your internal batteries .
    Please consider this invite in your "off" time Teleprompter . There can't be much to do after those lights go out and you power down for the night . Bet you could use that time to work up a decent speech ,if you were so inclined . Incline that 'chin' of yours 30 degrees up TP ,then stand and deliver .
    Your country needs you to keep on pluggin !

  4. This is such obvious propagandhi. Does Rush Limbaugh run this blog?

  5. Rush Limbaugh runs everything, so of course he runs this blog! Keep blaming a radio personality for all the world's problems. Pay no attention to the Democratic House, Democratic Senate, Democratic White House and a 5-4 liberal majority in the Supreme Court, liberal monopoly in print media (well, except for the WSJ, NY Post and Washington Times), higher education, Hollywood, etc. Rush is somehow more powerful than all of them combined. He's the problem!

  6. I never implied Rush runs anything more than the far right smear machine. He invented the term T.O.T.U.S , so I naturally assume he has something to do with this blog.

    By the way, thumbs up to the blog for not deleting my comments. I thought for sure i was going to be censored.

  7. I don't think Rush runs this blog - It's a reflection of what most people are thinking now. POTUS isn't all that impressive without the Teleprompter, "TOTUS" backing him up.

    Good example: - Obama Bloopers & Commentary.

  8. Hey there Soma,
    silly person, ya really thought you'd get CENSORED here? That's what "liberals" do, but of course, you're too busy lapping up the Kool Aid to understand that.