Friday, April 3, 2009

Please Move On ... Nothing To See Here ...

Joey B is going to speak later today at Rev. Al Sharpton’s National Action Network ponzi, er, national convention. The White House thinks he will take the stage in between the "Tawana Brawley Youth Achievement Award" presentation and the "Avoid Taxes the Chuck Rangel Way" seminar. But the good reverand doesn't run a tight schedule.  Regardless, a good time should be had by all.

Biden's appearance is one of those times where Big O gets down on his knees and thanks the god he happens to be praying to that given week that he is nowhere near what we affectionately call Joe's "fall out zone." In this case, we are well beyond the recommended 100-mile plausible-deniability distance.

We are hearing that he has again passed on the use of one of me, but may have to use a screen if the rapped conclusion he composed isn't flowing the way he wants it.  All I know is that by the time Joey takes the stage, all of us will be more than half in the bag in France, and that's the best way to take in the damage report from one of Joe's speeches.


  1. Your double screen look is very impressive in Strasbourg this morning. And the content - including a little French lingo - covered everything we would have expected the Big Guy to expound upon. But the faces behind the Big Guy were a little somber, and no standing Os. They needed Fancy Nancy seated behind him on the dias to jump up and lead in her oh so enthusiastic way. I see he's now saying globalization can be good AND destructive, and something about Indians needing refrigerators, but he's off prompter now so it's anyone's guess what will come out.

  2. "In this case, we are well beyond the recommended 100-mile plausible-deniability distance."

    Wow - that is more than for a nuclear weapons burst...

  3. "... the god [B.O.] happens to be praying to... ." [Ha! Good one, TOTUS] -- this is usually done in front of a mirror.

    Don't worry, TOTUS, when B.O. occasionally uses your screen while you're asleep, God sees that it's not your fault.

    And God is "keeping score", too. The Obamanation's idolatry has been duly noted. Who knows? It's still too long, but maybe B. Hussein will only rule for 42 months ("time, times, and half a time”).

    Yeah, I know, that ushers in Jobiden, but that would just be like having a Chihuahua in the Oval Office -- lots of noise, but that's about it.

  4. Yes, that "fall out zone" has to be a big one. B.O.'s mafia, a.k.a., "The Administration" [great name for a syndicate, huh? Probably Puhlohsi's idea], is highly toxic. Take TATUS (Toxic Asset of the U.S.), for instance. That's why no healthy human being will go NEAR Treasury, hence, the now-faded "HELP WANTED" sign in the window.

    Hey, TOTUS, great minds do think alike -- your Nixonian "plausible deniability" works well with Mark Levin's middle name for D'oh!, "Milhouse (sp? -- oh, who cares!)." Heh, heh, heh... .